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October 5, 2014 - The Signs

Dear Holy Catholic Priests,


Have you ever witnessed a prophecy be fulfilled? On this page you will.


Our beautiful God in Heaven, provides us prophecies throughout Holy Scripture that proceed His return.




Why doesn't God just let the future unfold how He wants, when He wants, without telling us ahead of time what we will see before His return? What's the point? Is the point so that His faithful followers will see the signs and prepare themselves and others for His return? Certainly if God really and truly wanted to catch everyone by surprise then He would not provide us the Book of Revelation, is that not correct? So the point must be that when we do see the signs that we can prepare ourselves and others. Otherwise, if He does not provide us with the signs, then how can we be adequately prepared? Truth be told, He does provide us the signs and then instructs us to remain alert so the onus is on us. Then at that point if He finds us unprepared then it is not on Him that we are in that state, but rather it is on us. That is only fair. So when St. Peter instructs us to remain alert it is for good reason is it not?


So witnessing prophesies unfold requires two things: knowledge of Scripture AND remaining alert. It's much like a Security Guard if you will. You can be the most proficient Security Guard in the world, full of every kind of knowledge that you want, but if you are asleep at the video camera monitors, then you will not see the thief sneaking in the back door. How can you? You are asleep. Or how about the security guard that changes the channel on the monitors to watch the football game? Will he not fail at his job if a thief gets by him while he is watching the game?


The theologians and Priests out there today, are very much like the most proficient security guards ever. They know what to look for, do they not? Has there ever been any generation before us that has had better educated and more knowledgeable theologians and Priests about Holy Scripture than us? We could almost pride ourselves on that fact, although it should make us wonder how come Jesus paints the picture for us in Matthew that His return will be like a flood that will catch everyone by surprise. So do the theologians and Priests of the future become ignorant to Scripture and the signs, or has their attention been diverted away from the monitors to watch the game? Can we really rely on the local TV news to report to us when prophecies are being fulfilled, or rather will satan try everything in his means to redirect people from truth at every junction he can?


So the point here is that we can have all of the knowledge of Holy Scripture in the world, but it will all be in vain if we do not remain ALERT. Remaining alert does not mean watching the news to know what is going on. To know the signs that are prophesied in Holy Scripture is what each of us Roman Catholics should know. But to keep an eye out for them takes work. Clearly we are not ever going to witness on the Channel 2 news.. "Tonight, new prophesy of Isaiah 17 has been fulfilled today!", or are we? Or does this generation of theologians and Priests not recognize Isaiah 17 unfolding before their own eyes when they see it? Has it already been fulfilled? What is the picture of below?



I will give you a clue. That is Damascus.


As we will see on this page, there are prophecies that are unfolding right now and have been for the last couple of years. Why don't we hear about them? Do we really expect that the media will hand-feed us what we need, or rather is the media controlled by satan? The pictures below will speak volumes to those that know the prophecies that must take place before the Lord's return. For now, I am going to focus in on only five topics here for now (although there is far more to draw upon), but my primary goal is to help wake Holy Priests up to becoming alert and to encourage them to turn to prayer right now, especially the Holy Rosary. So for now, I will only post the below five topics. I may add to this later, but I believe this is a good starting point to help Priests to become alert to what has been taking place right underneath our noses.


God bless and protect our Holy Priests and open their eyes to what satan is not wanting them to see. God bless.




The Five Topics:

1. Isaiah 17 - Has Damascus Fallen? Has that prophecy been fulfilled?

2. Red Rivers

3. Heavens Proclaim the Glory of the Lord

4. Peace & Security - (1 Thessalonians 5:2-3)

5. Mass Animal Deaths - (Hosea 4:3)



1. Isaiah 17 - Has Damascus Fallen? Has that prophecy been fulfilled?

The following pictures have been taken in Damascus over the last two years. One who is familiar with the prophesies in Isaiah (specifically Isaiah 17) this should raise questions if the prophecies in Isaiah 17 are being fulfilled. With the current persecutions taking placing in the middle east, will Damascus ever be rebuilt?

Isaiah 17 - Oracle on Damascus: 

"Lo, Damascus shall cease to be a city and become a ruin; Her cities shall forever be abandoned…"


JANUARY 24, 2013



AUGUST 21, 2013



JANUARY 24, 2013






2. Red Rivers

The following pictures have come from reports over the last couple of years of rivers and lakes turning blood red. These are only a few of the reports that have come in.. If God were to send us warnings, would we notice or just ignore them?

Beirut River – 2/15/12



Beirut River – 2/15/12



Camargue Lake, Southern France 8/10/12



Myjava River, Czech Republic – 12/3/13



Myjava River, Czech Republic – 12/3/13



Myjava River, Czech Republic – 12/3/13



O.C. Fisher Reservoir, San Angelo State Park, Tx – 8/3/11



Bern, Switzerland – 4/30/14



Bern, Switzerland – 4/30/14



Yangtze River, China – 9/6/12



Yangtze River, China – 9/6/12


If God sent us warnings, would we even notice?



3. Heavens Proclaim the Glory of the Lord

As I'm sure we can all recall, when Jesus came the first time, the three wisemen were able to follow the star to the birth of Our Lord. So clearly the Heavens did proclaim the Glory of the Lord and His first coming. The question is, will the Heavens proclaim the Glory of the Lord and His second coming? In this day and age, we have the capability to run star charts, view constellations and so the question is, will the Heavens warn us of the Lord's return?

In 2013 we had witnessed an incredible event that lined up exactly with Holy Scripture and coincided with the Tilma of Juan Diego. Most people may not know this, but researchers of the Tilma over the years have identified that the Tilma of Juan Diego (Our Lady of Guadalupe's image which was a Miracle from God and not painted by any man) contains within it a star chart...



Taking this into consideration, along with all of the other signs that we are seeing lining up with Scripture, an incredible event took place last year that could very well be an indicator that we are approaching the time for Our Lord to return. The first five new moons of 2013 (a new moon is the opposite of a full moon, so it is a darkened moon) all lined up exactly to Holy Scripture. The first four new moons of 2013 lined up exactly to the Four Horses of the Apocalypse and the fifth new moon lined up to the Tilma and a solar eclipse (Revelation 12)....



The below pictures are almost unreal of how accurately they line up to Holy Scripture...


Horse 1 - The first horse has a bow and has been given a crown..




Horse 2 - The second horse is a red horse given a sword. The planet Mars was known to the Romans as their false god of war and moves across the night sky along the solar plane. For this year, it happens to line up with this darkened moon on 2/10/13 which makes this a rare event taking into consideration that all Four Horses lined up in 2013. Is this a warning?



Horse 3 - The Third Horse has a rider carrying scales. What animal has scales? Fish. Pisces is known as the dying god; hence a dead fish. Link to famine? As we are seeing, Revelation 6 with the Four Horses of the Apocalypse is taking place in exact order during these first four new moons.



Horse 4 - The Fourth Horse is Death with Hades with him. Pisces is known as the dying god where Aphrodite & Eros joined themselves together with a cord & transformed themselves into fish to escape a water god, a water monster/dragon. Do we see a water dragon in Revelation? Why does the dragon in Revelation not spew fire, but rather spews water in Revelation 12? Could it be that the fifth new moon will line up to a dragon? Yes, exactly...



Revelation 12 & the Fifth New Moon - Unbelievable as it may be, the fifth new moon in this sequence not only lines up to Revelation 12, but also lines up with the star chart on the Tilma of Juan Diego. Remember how we saw that the Tilma contained a star chart? Well if you plot out that star chart, at the base of the virgin happens to be another constellation that is not on the Tilma. That constellation is known as Cetus the Sea Dragon in Greek astrology. Wait, doesn't the dragon in Revelation 12 spew water? Yes it does. Even more incredible is that this fifth new moon also happens to be an eclipse on 5/9/13 and on that day the eclipse travels over Mexico and right directly over where the actual Tilma of Juan Diego is kept. Is this a coincidence, or should this have great significance to a Roman Catholic? Granted, to a Buddhist or a Taoist, this means nothing. But to a Roman Catholic that believes in Jesus Christ and Holy Scripture, are the Heaven's proclaiming the Glory of the Lord and that His return is close especially with all of the other signs that we are seeing? The pictures really speak for themselves. I wrote a 50 pages essay that will be posted on the "MERCY" page that dives even deeper into this very rare occurrence in our night sky.



5/9/13 - The Fifth New Moon - This is where the Tilma plots, right over Cetus the Greek Water Dragon. Any Catholic Priest will recognize that these 5 false gods we are seeing in the night sky line up exactly with Scripture. God in His beauty warns us not to have false gods, does he not? Are the consequences we see in the Book of Revelation a fall out of false gods that have been worshipped? We witnessed God do the same thing with the Egyptians. The 10 plagues that fell upon Egypt had direct correlations to the false gods of Egypt. Our Loving God warns us not to have false gods. Will the same thing happen to us that happened to Egypt where we are shown the consequences of false gods? Makes one wonder.





4. Peace & Security - (1 Thessalonians 5:2-3)

(This video pretty much speaks for itself. Fulfilled?)





5. Mass Animal Deaths - (Hosea 4:3)


Hosea 4:3 - "Therefore the land mourns, and everything that dwells in it languishes:  The beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and even the fish of the sea perish."


Are there any reports of mass animal deaths for 2014? Yes. 516 of them and the list continues..


39 Dead Whales in New Zealand – 1/6/14



100,000 Dead Bats in Australia – 1/8/14



165,000 dead fish in Indonesia – 2/20/14



Thousands of dead crabs in Chile – 2/24/14



35 Tons of dead fish in China – 3/2/14



100 Tons of dead fish in China – 3/31/14



2 Million dead fish in Iran – 4/23/14



Thousands of dead fish in California – 5/1/14



Hundreds of thousands of dead fish in Texas – 5/26/14



Thousands of dead fish wash up in lagoon in Mexico – 6/18/14



Tens of thousands of dead crabs in Thailand – 6/10/14



These above are only 11 out of 516 that are listed for 2014. Wait, 516 reports of mass animal deaths for 2014 alone??? What is going on? Was this not prophesied in Hosea for end times? Is Hosea coming true?


Hosea 4:3 - "Therefore the land mourns, and everything that dwells in it languishes:  The beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and even the fish of the sea perish."



(The link below provides links to the reports of these and the list keeps growing..)






For an excellent source on MDM Prophecies that are fulfilling, I highly recommend this site for your reference: (click on the image to go to the site)





This is just the tip of the iceberg but the point of this site is not to collect all of these reports taking place, but rather to help Priests become alert to at least a few of them and to point them to the prayers that we have been given through Jesus' end time prophet Maria Divine Mercy. While a majority of the people will laugh and scoff now at these reports, a good Holy Catholic Priest will recognize that Our Lord Jesus Christ prophesied that He would return suddenly and therefore we should take these reports seriously. That doesn't mean that we turn to irrational courses of action. It means that the prudent person will become alert and prayerful.

The green link below will take you to the Armoury where it will direct Priests to specific Crusade Prayers and tools that I recommend they begin reciting right away. Please note, we should be saying all of the Crusade Prayers every day, but it is very important to get the good Holy Catholic Priests the ones that apply to them immediately as to help protect them from the Apostasy that is unfolding and will be in full force soon. We Maria Divine Mercy followers love our Priests and want to assist them in any way we can and we all must remain true to the Holy Eucharist and the true teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ as no man, Priest, Bishop or Pope has the authority to change Church Doctrine or the consecration of the Holy Eucharist. God bless.

~ Casey ~


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