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May 9, 2015 - "REMNANT BIBLE STUDY - Picking up the Pieces"


Dear Remnant Army,

So many of us struggle with understanding the basic structure to the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation is not meant to be cryptic and even the Book of Revelation itself provides the basic outline if we know where to look for it. We are to do our best to try to understand it and study it, but also accept that some we will understand and somethings we may not understand. The importance here is that we do our best to understand it, with a loving heart and to do our best to check our own interpretations, speculations and assumptions at the door. We should read it like little children and hang on every word of our Lord. Those who toss out parts of Holy Scripture because they do not understand them, will clearly be blind. Our position should be, even if we do not understand a part of Holy Scripture, we should still draw it into our hearts like little children and accept that it is the Word of God and even meditate upon its mysteries. In doing so, we will come to know Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our King of Mercy deeper and stronger than before.

So let us explore Holy Scripture as little children, with love in our hearts and accept that our human minds try to reason "around" Holy Scripture sometimes and the best thing to do when we hear that voice trying to "reason" Holy Scripture is to send that voice to the foot of the Cross. Jesus wants to love us and for us to study His Word and take it into our little souls. In many ways a little child can understand Holy Scripture better than a seasoned theologian. It is not that we do not have very intelligent theologians in this day, but Jesus comes to the meek and humble of heart and our intellects can often lead us away from Christ and not toward Him. Understanding Jesus does not come through the mind, but rather the heart. Wisdom belongs in the heart, it does not come through the mind.

God bless!

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P.S. I also wanted to include a copy here of Document #5 from the Print Center here. Reading the Messages along with these videos will help to understand the Book of Revelation in greater detail. God bless.


DOCUMENT #5 (from the Print Center) - The Warning & the Second Coming Booklet

This 16 page booklet has excerpts from the Messages that directly talk about the Great Warning and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I recommend everyone taking a look at this very powerful document that a group of us were blessed to put together.