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November 23, 2017

Our Lady of Fatima, Obedience to the Catholic Church and the Prophecies of the Two Popes



My Dear Father,


When Our Lady appeared at both FATIMA and LA SALETTE, did you know that she told the children that there would be TWO POPESalive in the end?  Clearly that which Our Lady has prophesied, will indeed come true, will it not?  Sadly, most people do not know what she has prophesied because if they did then they would see that the Holy Eucharist and the Holy Sacraments are in great danger and I’ll explain how.



Like it or not, we Catholics (and especially our Priests) are about to undergo a tremendous test of our faith and our obedience to the Catholic Church and we will have to defend the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Sacraments and the Holy Teachings of the Catholic Church not just against outsiders, but also against other Catholics in the Church (including Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and lay people) who will apostatize from the Faith.  How will this happen and what indicators do we have to show us that the time for this is now? 

If you watch closely, you will begin to see that the Church is starting to split into two camps..




The First Camp are the Faithful who will be persecuted but who will remain obedient to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to His Holy Teachings to the very end.

The Second Camp are those who will follow the crowd and who will accept the NEW interpretations and NEW teachings that are coming into the Catholic Church which are NOT from God and this group will fall into Apostasy.  This group will accept a modernized approach to dealing with the issues that face the Church today but by doing so they will accept errors that contradict the Teachings of the Catholic Church and of Jesus Christ.  While it will appear that the Church is finally trying to make some progress on some very important issues, the truth is that satan is using each of these new opportunities to make subtle shifts in the Church which will lead to many Catholics to fall into apostasy.  With every subtle change, satan is moving closer to his final move.

Before I proceed, let me be very clear here; no part of what I am sharing here is to place any judgment on anyone else as the issues that I will be discussing are very serious in nature but need to be shared.  In no way am I advocating that anyone should promote division in the Holy Catholic Church or to separate themselves from the Holy Catholic Church.  On the contrary, we need to remain united as best as we can through what is about to unfold because satan plans to split the Church through the apostasy that has been foretold for the end.  Unfortunately as the Word of God indicates, there will be a rebellion that will take place within the Catholic Church and each of us Catholics needs to always remain obedient to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to the Holy Catholic Church through the end.  Sadly as the Word of God has prophesied, there will be those who will apostatize from the Teachings of the Holy Catholic Church in the end and we must do what we can to help others to remain obedient which could help save more souls.  So the focus of this paper is not on division, but rather recognizing the division that has already begun within the Holy Catholic Church and to serve as a reminder for ourselves of our duties and obligations to remain faithful, loyal and obedient to the Holy Eucharist and to the Holy Catholic Church through the apostasy that will divide it.  The faithful will be persecuted mainly by those who will apostatize from the faith and both groups are desperately in need of our prayers.  

So as you already know my dear Father, God’s Laws and Teachings never change, but heretical teachings and new interpretations are beginning to slowly creep into the Catholic Church ever so subtly, and a false gospel is being preached.  The leaders of this second camp that will fall into apostasy are those who preach about God’s Love and Mercy and then specifically avoid educating others about God’s Justice and the dangers of hell because it might ‘offend others’.  People must be educated in the fullness of the truth in order to help save their souls and not just the parts of the truth that are easy for them to hear.

Satan knows that if people are preached a watered-down gospel about “love and mercy” and are not educated about God’s Justice or warned about the dangers of hell, then that will cost Our Lord souls.  As I’m sure that all faithful Catholics would agree, it is great that people are taught about God’s Mercy being greater than any sin, but if people are not educated that in order to receive God’s Mercy each of us needs to SEEK REPENTANCE for our sins, then that will cost Our Lord souls.  God cannot force people to accept His Mercy because they have the Gift of Freewill.  We must speak the truth and these false teachers who hide behind the flowery banner that reads “Love and Mercy”, do not teach about repentance and the forgiveness of sins because that would ‘offend people’.  But as you already know my dear Father, the truth is that the Holy Sacrament of Reconciliation is the correct path to God’s Love and Mercy because if we are not sorry for our sins and we do not repent of them, then that path will lead souls to hell.  So although it may be difficult to preach about the dangers of hell and about God’s Holy Justice, certainly there will be people who end up going to hell because their Pastors left them ignorant about the need for repentance and only taught them half of the truth.  It is likely that many of those who will end up going to hell will be pulling their Pastors down with them, will they not?  Aren’t their Pastors responsible for the flock? 

The outside world does not attack those who preach this empty gospel that is spreading because it is what they want to hear.  However, those faithful Priests, Bishops and Cardinals that DO speak the truth and DO lead people to repentance are becoming the minority and are being attacked not only by those outside the Church but now even from those within it as well.  As the Word of God has warned us, in the end there will be Apostasy, and that is NOTa division that takes place in some sort of Buddhist or Hindu temple somewhere, but rather it will take place INSIDE the Catholic Church, not outside of it in.  Every Catholic on the planet should very well know what apostasy is and what the Word of God has prophesied for the Catholic Church for the end.  The Catholic Church is not going to be running on all four cylinders until Jesus returns, but rather before His return, the faithful will be scattered and in hiding as Holy Scripture has told us ahead of time.  But how will satan bring about the rebellion that will take place within the Catholic Church?  It won’t be from outside of it; but rather from within.




Before we proceed, let’s examine three truths in the Catholic Church:

  1. God would NEVER allow people in the Catholic Church to fall into apostasy
  2. God would NEVER allow the devil to infiltrate the Catholic Church
  3. God would NEVER test the faith of Catholics and their obedience to the Catholic Church and to the Holy Eucharist


Oh wait.

No.  That’s not right.  It’s the opposite isn’t it?

  1. God HAS PROPHESIED that people in the Catholic Church will fall into apostasy
  2. God WILL PERMIT the devil to infiltrate the Catholic Church (as we can even see that the abomination that causes desolation will be set up in the Holy Place leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:15-21))
  3. God WILL TEST the faith of Catholics and their obedience to the Catholic Church and to the Holy Eucharist


The question is now, is there deception taking place in the Catholic Church right now which will lead to many Catholics to fall away from the faith?  Why would there be two popes alive in the end and what role does that play in how the end will unfold?


As I’m sure you already know my dear Father, as the end unfolds, Priests will undergo a tremendous test as the First Horse of the Apocalypse is the Apostasy that will befall upon the Holy Catholic Church.  Priests and lay people will have to make one of two choices.  They will either, (# 1) remain obedient to Jesus Christ, to the Holy Catholic Church and to the Holy Eucharist …. OR  …. (# 2) they will go along with the crowd who will Apostatize from the Faith and who will accept falsities, heresies and new interpretations of Holy Doctrine, Church Teachings, the Holy Sacraments and of the Holy Mass.  This is all part of the Apostasy which has been foretold long ago.  Even Our Lady has warned us that the Church has been infiltrated and as we will see, that coincides with Pope Leo XIII’s vision where he heard Jesus speaking with satan that he will be given the power and the time to try to destroy the Catholic ChurchEvery Catholic on this planet should very well know that God has told us ahead of time that He will permit satan to scourge the Holy Catholic Church in the end and that satan works in deceptions, not out in the open.  Although satan will never be able to fully destroy the Catholic Church, he will capture a good portion of it and force many to worship the antichrist while the faithful will become a Remnant scattered in the wilderness as we will see.  Before that happens, the Church will be afflicted with deceptions, infiltration and trials in the end and Satan’s goal is to get as many Priests as he can to accept these subtle changes and changes to the Holy Mass which will lead to the disappearance of the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the Mass.  A NEW Mass will be presented, one which will NOT call Our Lord down from Heaven.  Priests will be forced to accept new books, new words and new interpretations to the Holy Mass and those words will fail to call Our Lord Jesus Christ down from Heaven and many Priests will fall into Apostasy by accepting these changes which are NOT from God

This paper may not be eloquent or concise, but by the end of it you will see how satan plans to (# 1) attack the Holy Eucharist, (# 2) lead as many Priests into Apostasy as he can and (# 3) to set up the abomination which causes desolation in the Catholic Church.  Sadly as the Word of God has foretold, satan will accomplish all three of these things.  Faithful Priests will be persecuted, even by their own colleagues, superiors and lay people.  They will have to make a choice.  They will either follow along with the crowd that will apostatize from the faith, or they will remain obedient to Our Lord Jesus Christ and they will be kicked out of the Church and into the wilderness.  Just as has been prophesied, it will be the good and faithful Priests who will be kicked out of the Church along with the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist into the wilderness as the rest of the Church worships the abomination which causes desolation.  Let us not fool ourselves, there will be no room in the Catholic Church for those who will not change their ways to accommodate these new changes introduced to the Church, and just as has been prophesied, the faithful will indeed be cast out into the wilderness as we will shortly see. 

The simple fact is that God will not permit the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ to dwell under the same roof as the abomination which causes desolation and since satan cannot remove the Real Presence on his own, he must deceive man into making changes to the Holy Mass and to the consecration in order for the Real Presence to disappear.  This is what has been prophesied for the Holy Catholic Church for the end.






Both Fatima and La Salette are two Church Approved Marian Apparitions.  Therefore we may want to pay close attention to what Our Lady had to say to the children because most Catholics do not know what she has foretold. 

If we claim that we are faithful Catholics and loyal to the Holy Eucharist and obedient to the Holy Catholic Church, then we need to humbly take a step back and listen to what Our Mother has prophesied about the attacks that will take place on the Holy Catholic Church in the end.  These attacks will not start out so obvious but rather they will be so subtle, inch by inch, that most people will not recognize the trap that they are walking into until they are deep within it.  This is why a number of Catholics and Priests right now are scratching their heads as to what is really going on in the Catholic Church these days.  It is because what Our Lady has prophesied is indeed coming true.  Many Catholics have become luke-warm and indifferent.  They have become weak in their faith so the lines have become blurred and they cannot see how satan openly parades his agenda around trying to get people to believe that “tolerance (of sin) is the path to compassion, love and mercy”.  When in fact, tolerance of sin is a very great evil that is even spreading through out the Catholic Church these days.


We need to soberly assess the terrain that we are living in right now and see if it matches with what Our Lady had to say about the end.  I am sure that you would absolutely agree with me dear Father that each of us needs to make sure that (# 1) our focus is on Our Lord Jesus Christ, (# 2) to trust in Him and (# 3) to be resolved to remain true to Him until our dying breath.  Our Lady has warned us of the persecution that will fall upon our Holy Priests and upon our Holy Catholic Church in the end. 




While we know that the world crucified Our Lord Jesus Christ, screamed obscenities at Him, mocked Him, threw Him out of the synagogues and spit in His Holy Face, the second of the two popes in the end, in contrast, will be treated the EXACT OPPOSITE of how Jesus Christ was treated when He walked the Earth.  The second pope will be treated like a celebrity; well-loved, admired, respected, bowed down to even by kings, and will be treated like a living saint.  Ironically, even those outside the Catholic Church who hate Jesus Christ, will have respect for this second pope.  While the last 2000 years should show us a clear example that those who faithfully follow Jesus Christ are always spit upon, ridiculed and persecuted as Our Lord has told us would happen to those who follow Him, the second pope in contrast will be applauded everywhere he goes even by people following other religions and other religious leaders.  Why is that?  It is very simple actually.  Because he will push the envelope and he will spark new changes, new interpretations, new teachings and new controversies within the Catholic Church that will open the door for the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ to disappear from the Holy Mass.  As hard as this might be to hear or to believe that this would EVER happen, no pope could ever be greater than his master and yet this second pope will somehow have great charisma that spans even outside the Catholic Church and he will be admired by even other religions unlike his predecessors, not because he represents TRADITION, but because he represents CHANGE.


Although I wish that such a claim would be absolutely impossible to substantiate, even St. Francis of Assisi had prophesied about the second pope..

“A Man, not Canonically Elected, will be raised to the Pontificate… In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a Destroyer”



A destroyer of what?  The Church?

Lay people desperately need their Priests to remain obedient to Jesus Christ, to His Holy Catholic Church and to the Holy Eucharist and to keep ALERT like never before.  The reason being is that if we carefully listen to what Our Mother in Heaven had prophesied, we will see that satan’s game plan to attack the Holy Church in the end is indeed being carried out right now from within the Catholic Church.  People do not recognize it because they do not know what Our Lady has prophesied.  One of our problems right now in the Catholic Church is that many of our Priests do not know what Our Lady has prophesied or what they should be watching out for.  With all due respect to the Holy Priesthood which is always under constant attack, Priests are about to be tested and many of them will be caught off guard because they do not know what Our Lady has prophesied about the deceptions that will fall upon the Catholic Church in the end.  


My dear Father, as a lay person who deeply cares about our Holy Priests and our Holy Catholic Church, I urge you to please remain alert and to remain obedient to Jesus Christ and defend the Holy Eucharist even if all others around you fall into apostasy.  Take a careful look at what is happening in the Catholic Church right now and do not deviate from Christ’s teachings.  It is the good and faithful Holy Priest who remains ALERT and who remains resolved to not deviate from Christ’s teachings that the Lord will say 'Well done, good and faithful servant!  You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.  Come and share your master's happiness!'.  On the flip side, those Priests who are running on auto-pilot and who are not prepared, are about to fall into satan’s apostasy trap and they do not even see it coming.






Melanie Calvat was one of the two seers of La Salette. The following extract is taken from the book “The Secret of Melanie and the Actual Crisis” by Abbot Combe, 1906:

“The Church will be eclipsed. At first, we will not know which is the true pope.  Then secondly, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will cease to be offered in churches and houses; it will be such that, for a time, there will not be public services any more.  But I see that the Holy Sacrifice has not really ceased: it will be offered in barns, in alcoves, in caves, and underground.” 




Father, let me pause here for a moment and let me ask you; being that this is a Church Approved Marian Apparition (that has been attempted to be silenced by satan since day one as he does with all Marian Apparitions); are we as a community prepared to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass underground as Our Mother has warned us will happen in the end?  Even St. Faustina wrote in her Diary of the same thing:

“Today, I saw how the Holy Mysteries were being celebrated without liturgical vestments and in private homes, because of a passing storm; and I saw the sun come out from the Blessed Sacrament, and all other lights went out, or rather, they were dimmed; and all the people were looking toward this [one] light.  But at the present time I do not understand the meaning of this vision.” (February 26, 1937, St. Faustina’s Diary, pg. 380)




Do we have extra altar bread and wine reserved to endure such a storm?  Clearly Jesus charges his Holy Priests to be prepared at all times and to feed His sheep even during the storm does He not?  Whose shoulders will that responsibility lie on?  As Jesus Christ Himself indicates in the Gospel of Matthew, the end will come suddenly and it will catch people by surprise will it not?  Will that not include Priests such as yourself?  Is it not prudent for Priests to keep extra altar bread and wine on hand?  Most certainly there will be Priests who have not prepared for this, wouldn’t that be a reasonable conclusion to make?  Can’t the end happen at any time?  Doesn’t Jesus tell us to be prepared at all times? 

It takes humility to recognize when we have not prepared like we should have and to do something about it, does it not?

Back to La Salette and our need to remain obedient to the Holy Catholic Church like never before..  

Cardinal Manning was a high ranking official of the Anglican church and achieved notoriety when he converted to Catholicism in the 19th century.  He was a staunch supporter of papal infallibility and a close friend of Pope Leo XIII.  Reminder, Pope Leo XIII is the one who we get the St. Michael prayer from and who had the remarkable vision of satan boasting to Jesus “I can destroy your Church” exactly 33 years to the day prior to the great Miracle of the Sun in Fatima.  In that vision Jesus replied, "You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will."  This clearly coincides with the fact that we know that the Holy Catholic Church will have to go through a great tribulation in the end and will be scourged by satan leading up to Our Lord’s return as satan’s time is running out.

Cardinal Manning wrote the following:

“The apostasy of the city of Rome from the vicar of Christ and its destruction by Antichrist may be thoughts very new to many Catholics, that I think it well to recite the text of theologians of greatest repute.  First Malvenda, who writes expressly on the subject, states as the opinion of Ribera, Gaspar Melus, Biegas, Suarrez, Bellarmine and Bosius that ROME SHALL APOSTATIZE FROM THE FAITH, drive away the Vicar of Christ and return to its ancient paganism. ...Then the Church shall be scattered, driven into the wilderness, and shall be for a time, as it was in the beginning, invisible; hidden in catacombs, in dens, in mountains, in lurking places; for a time it shall be swept, as it were from the face of the earth. Such is the universal testimony of the Fathers of the early Church.”- Henry Edward Cardinal Manning, The Present Crisis of the Holy See, 1861, London: Burns and Lambert, pp. 88-90)




Yves DuPont, author of the book “Catholic Prophecy” and many other works on prophecy, wrote in 1970:

“Some prophecies seem to warrant the inference that the true Catholic Church will disappear completely for a while as an organization; but although disorganized, it will survive in the persons of the faithful members of the clergy and laity who will go underground.”

So Father, we know this is the future for Our Holy Catholic Church in the end as Holy Scripture itself warns us that the antichrist will be given a 42 month reign over the whole world and no where does it say that the 1.2 billion Catholics in the world will be protected by a “magic fairy bubble” during this time, is that not the case?  So speaking realistically and honestly here for a moment, if the Holy Mass is going to be held underground as Our Lady is warning us, and the end will come suddenly upon us as Holy Scripture indicates; then is it not prudent for Priests to make sure that they have put aside the necessary supplies they need to keep the Holy Mass going through this upcoming storm?  Does not the Word of God say that just like in the days of Noah, they will be eating and drinking and giving in marriage up until the Day of Our Lord’s return and then all of a sudden disaster will fall upon them?  Sadly I think that you and I would probably agree that most Priests will probably not have prepared for this as they were supposed to because they had not paid heed to what Our Lord and what Our Lady had foretold.  The recent hurricanes are a perfect example.  The smart people are the ones who had prepared for the storm when it was sunny outside and not a cloud in the sky.  The foolish people are the ones who hadn’t prepared and were scrambling at the last minute when the storm was already upon them.  Are we not to be prepared at all times with oil in our lamps, or does that not apply to us? 

Matthew 24:45 – Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time?




Does not Jesus Christ command His Priests to feed God’s sheep?

So my dear Father, as one who loves the Holy Eucharist and as your friend, if you have not already done so, is it not prudent to make sure that you have extra altar bread and wine put to the side in case of emergency?  Clearly it can always be used later on, but if the end did come suddenly upon us (which honestly God expects all of us to be ready at all times anyway does He not?), then you will have been found to be wise that you had made sure that you have put aside enough supplies to feed the flock that you have been put in charge of.  Is that not good and prudent advice my dear Father?



One of the things that goes hand-in-hand with being on auto-pilot is DENIAL and this is how satan will catch a good number of Priests off guard to lure them into his “apostasy” trap.  Obviously if all Priests remained alert and could see satan’s trap ahead of time, then obviously no Priest would purposefully walk into it.  So how will satan get a good number of people (including Priests) to walk into his apostasy trap?  Satan knows his trap must be well camouflaged and he is far more clever than people realize.  He has prepared a devious plan to get those who wish to remain faithful to the Church to fall into apostasy and they won’t realize it until they are already in his trap.  How could he ever trick those who are trying to remain faithful to the Catholic Church to fall into apostasy?  Actually it is very simple.  He will use deception and get them to follow a shepherd that will take them off the beaten path.  Like the Pied-Piper, it will be a simple case of ‘follow the leader’ into error, and into apostasy.  While each of us is called to remain obedient to the Holy Catholic Church, that obedience is not centered on man, but must be centered on Christ.  As history has shown us, when a pope deviates from the Teachings of Jesus Christ, we are not to follow in their footsteps, just like Jesus warned His Disciples of not following in the footsteps of the Pharisees.

Matthew 23:2-3 - "The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat. So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.”


See, many Catholics may assume that all popes automatically walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and to follow the pope WHEREVER he goes.  But actually the second pope is going to veer off course and to take many in the Catholic Church “off-road” with him.  Those who do not follow him off-road are going to be accused of “SCHISM”.  Satan has already begun this attack because that is exactly what is happening with the 4 Dubia Cardinals and the 62 Priests and Theologians who have recently called for the Filial Correction.  




See for yourself my dear Father as this is no stretch of the imagination.  If you watch very carefully, you will see that these men who have come forward and who are humbly asking for clarification to protect the Holy Church are already being accused of schism

That group that is asking for clarification out of an obligation to protect the Holy Catholic Church is growing in number and they are part of the First Camp that I spoke of earlier who will remain faithful to the Teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ through the end.  Matter of fact, believe it or not… because this second pope will veer off course (which will cause a great disruption in the Catholic Church), it will actually come to the point where Priests will be questioned about their loyalty to the pope.  To make matters worse, Priests will be forced to take a NEW OATH but that oath will not be to Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic Church, but rather it will be part of the path to apostasy.  Satan’s plan is to get Priests to pledge their loyalty to the second pope and to follow him off course in order to catch them into apostasy.  My dear Father, I so very much wish this was not the case, but this is what has been prophesied.




In regards to those in the Church right now who are calling for clarification, they are already being accused of being in schism and already being accused of breaking away from the pope, but you yourself know that is not true.  All they have done is to respectfully ask for clarification, yet you can already subtly hear satan in the background whispering SCHISM!” which will very soon get louder and louder until it forces Priests to make a decision.  Satan wants the souls of all Priests and all Catholics and he is going to play off of people’s ignorance and their fear of being in schism and corral them into his apostasy trap.  With all due respect and obedience to Jesus Christ and to His Holy Catholic Church and to the Holy Papacy, the second pope will veer off course and will take many with him and it will be those who remain faithful and alert and who will not deviate from Christ’s Teachings who will be accused of “SCHISM”, and it is already happening.  This will inevitably lead to those Priests who will not take the path off road to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church as we will see.







Those who will pledge allegiance to the second pope will veer off course with him and won’t realize that by doing so they are walking straight into satan’s apostasy trap.  To them it will look like others are breaking away from the pope into schism, but what they don’t realize is that by following the second pope who is veering off course, it is they themselves who are truly breaking away from the Church with him.  As hard as this is to accept, the second pope has already shown which path he will take as we can clearly see by his example of recently honoring Martin Luther and the anniversary of the Reformation within the last year.  Those who will remain faithful and who will not follow him down that path, they will be persecuted and accused of being disobedient to the pope and they will be excommunicated for it. 











Let me ask you an honest question my dear Father.  Would Our Lord wish for you to put up a statue of Martin Luther in your Church and honor him and celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation?  Of course not, so how can putting up a statue of him in the Vatican be acceptable in the Eyes of Our Lord?



Why would Catholics honor and celebrate the Reformation? 




My dear Father, I’m not here to criticize a pope, but rather I’m here to remain faithful to Jesus Christ to the very end.  If Our Lady says that there will be two popes alive in the end, then we must ask ourselves “WHY?”. 

This is why there are two popes in the end and why St. Francis’ prophecy is so critical for us to understand.  Satan’s plan has been to remove the first pope and then to place another man on the throne who will lead the Church into a NEW ERA; with new changes, new interpretations and that off-ramp will lead into apostasy.  This is all part of satan’s devious plan to open the door for the antichrist and to set up the abomination which causes desolation.  Satan is not stupid and we are all pawns in this game.  He knows that if he tries to take the Church by force that most Priests would fight back.  Instead he knows that his plan needs to be so subtle and be from within so that Priests can’t see his plan forming until it’s too late.





This is why the Dubia and the Filial Correction have been presented to the second pope because the faithful are recognizing that he is veering off course.  None of us want that to be the case, but these requests for clarification and for correction would not have to be submitted if there was not a need for it. 




The need for them in the first place substantiates that there is a problem with what is being taught.  That may be painful to hear, but it is the truth.  With all due respect to the Holy Catholic Church, the second pope is wandering off course and those who follow him “off-road” will apostatize from the Catholic Church and will deviate from Christ’s Teachings.  Are we not called to remain faithful to Jesus Christ at all times and will we not be tested to see if we will remain obedient to Him until our dying breath?  What happens when a pope veers off course?  Do we follow him “off-road” or do we stick to the path?  Who will we remain obedient to…. a pope that veers off course, or to Jesus Christ?  Is not Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life?  No pope would ever be given authority to alter or make changes or new adaptations to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  But, watch carefully and this is what you will see.  The denial that is taking place in the Holy Catholic Church right now is going to lead to many Priests falling into apostasy as we will shortly see. 




My dear Father with all due respect to the Holy Papacy, have you ever seen a situation where people absolutely deny the truth or they just cannot accept it or fathom it?  For instance, a close-nit family has an uncle that just everyone loves.  He’s such a nice guy; attractive; always so generous; donates his time to coach little league for years; always making people laugh; has a loving family of his own.  Everyone just loves him and can’t wait to see him on the holidays.  Then a child comes forward and says that “Uncle Tony molested me”.  Everyone in the family is in instant denial.  “Not Tony!  I’ve known him 40 years and there is absolutely NO WAY he would EVER do such a thing!  Truth be told, little Amanda has been known to lie and this wouldn’t be the first.”  But the Truth remains the Truth, does it not my Father?  Even if people turn a blind-eye to it, or are in denial, or they just can’t imagine that it could be a possibility, that doesn’t change the fact that the truth is the truth.  And it is the absolute Truth that it has been prophesied that there will be TWO POPES in the end and that ROME WILL APOSTATIZE FROM THE FAITHThe question is….. is that unfolding nowIs Rome keeping strong to the faith, or is the leadership of the Catholic Church starting to veer off course? 







In terms of what Our Lady has prophesied, one of our most important things that we need to do is to remain OBEDIENT to Jesus Christ and to the Holy Catholic Church through the trials that will unfold in the end.  The Word of God has warned us that there will be an Apostasy in the end and that will be people in the Church who will NOT remain obedient to Jesus Christ and to the Teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.  Will we be in that group or not?  OUR SUPERIORS ARE NOT GOD, GOD IS GOD.  We must remind ourselves that when it comes to OBEDIENCE, our obedience to Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic Church needs to be UNCONDITIONAL and UNWAIVERING.  OUR TEST IN THE END WILL BE, WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR SUPERIORS HAVE APOSTATIZED FROM THE FAITH; WILL YOU FOLLOW THEM INTO APOSTASY OR NOT?  So although Our Lord Jesus Christ commissions each of us to show obedience to our superiors, it is CONDITIONAL because if our superiors break away from the faith, then we are not to follow those superiors and each of us should know that is the absolute truth. 


Even if all others around us may apostatize from the Catholic Faith and accept false teachings and changes to Holy Doctrine and to the Holy Mass, we ourselves must be resolved to remain loyal to God even if it means persecution.  Would you not agree with that statement dear Father?  Is that going to be an easy test?  Certainly not, especially for those of us who are weak in their faith.  The Church will be split by the Apostasy as the Word of God has foretold and it is important for Catholics to understand the two sides so that they can choose wisely.

In the end, Catholics will be tested regarding whether or not they will remain obedient to Jesus Christ and to His Holy Catholic Church or not.  Many people do not know about the upcoming test that will happen during the Apostasy.  One group will remain obedient to Jesus Christ and the other group will not.  That is a very important distinction to make up front when keeping an eye out to make sure that we too do not fall into the apostasy that has been foretold.

The prophecies that we have received from Our Lord and from Our Lady essentially indicate that one of the “two popes” in the end will lead the Church AWAY from Tradition and introduce new teachings that will open the door for the antichrist.  As faithful Catholics, we should never take a position of "pope bashing" either man as surely God would never condone such a thing; not to mention it is not necessary here in order to follow what Our Lady has to say.  Matter of fact our focus here should not be on judgment or slander but rather on OBEDIENCE and to keep our eyes fixated on the Holy Eucharist because the Holy Eucharist is what is in great danger during this Apostasy that is to unfold.





But like I have previously stated, the Holy Eucharist is in great danger, which the following examples that are taking place in the Church speak for themselves.




When the headlines read that the pope “goes against years of Catholic teaching”, that should be a concern for all of us Catholics, should it not?




If a group of Lutherans came to your Church on Sunday, can they receive Holy Communion?





Are Protestants permitted to receive Holy Communion in the Catholic Church?  Can a pope change the teachings of the Catholic Church, or bend them?












My dear Father, I’m certain by now you are starting to understand that I’m not here to speak ill of a pope.  My focus here is absolutely on defending the Holy Eucharist and recalling our obedience to Jesus Christ and to His Holy Teachings which are Eternal.  There is no way that the second pope will somehow do a complete 180 now and start passionately walking down the path of Tradition.  That train has left the station and it is not coming back.  Jesus Christ Himself says that you will know them by their fruit.  If you love the Holy Eucharist like I do, then you know very well by now that the Holy Eucharist is indeed in danger and that it is your duty and obligation to Jesus Christ to continue to feed God’s sheep regardless of what other changes other men in the Catholic Church accept.  Divorced and remarried Catholics CANNOT receive the Holy Eucharist without addressing the issue of sin and coming back into the State of Grace through the Sacrament of Reconciliation with a firm resolution to depart from their sin.  Father, I cannot divorce my wife, marry another and live in that adulterous relationship and receive Holy Communion, can I?  You yourself know this to be the case. 




Also, Protestants and Lutherans CANNOT receive the Holy Eucharist either, yet this is exactly the agenda that is being pushed in the Church right now and you Holy Priests and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. 

You as a Holy Priest certainly have your hands full taking care of your own parish, but there are many desecrations taking place regarding the Holy Eucharist right now that you may not even be aware of.  These are only a few examples of what is taking place in some other Catholic Churches recently:














Papal Mass – January 2015




Here’s a link to the video in the above picture for you to see for yourself:



Yes my dear Father, in that picture above, that is Our Lord Jesus Christ being passed out over the crowd, from person to person.  Is that what the Apostles would have done?

Finally Father, with all due respect and reverence for the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, you may or may not be aware of this, but on July 8th, 2013, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the port city of Lampedusa.  Do you know what he used for the chalice?  It was a chalice made from recycled wood from broken boats.  Mind you, this is the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ that we are speaking of here.  If a parishioner brought you such a cup, would you use that to place the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ in during Consecration?  Of course not.



Is this the kind of action that someone who will not deviate from the Traditions of the Catholic Church would take?  Or rather was this a precursor to the changes that will come upon the Catholic Church in the end?


The apostasy that has been foretold is warning us that the Church will be split into two.  One group will be those who remain obedient to the Church’s Teachings which have been passed down over the centuries and THEY WILL BE CAST OUT OF THE CHURCH INTO THE WILDERNESS.  The other group who apostatizes WILL NOT PHYSICALLY LEAVE THE CHURCH, but in fact they will take it over and they will accept changes to the Church’s Teachings with new interpretations that are not of Christ and this will eventually lead them to worship the abomination which causes desolation.  The question is, has this already ever so subtly begun?  Have you yourself already heard of Priests already applying new interpretations to who can receive the Holy Eucharist based on Amoris Laetitia?  Is Amoris Laetitia some NEW INFALLIBLE TEACHING of the Holy Roman Catholic Church as some believe it to be, or have there been some serious questions raised from it?  Remember, our obedience is to Jesus Christ first and foremost, over any pope, is it not?

Which is more important, being obedient to men or being obedient to God?  Because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist here to figure out that God is going to test us all and if the majority of the Catholic Church fell into apostasy tomorrow, the minority who remained true to the teachings of the Church and who will not accept falsities will be kicked out, and accused of being “disobedient to the Church” and excommunicated.  (Again, that is another prophecy that will take place).  Matter of fact it is also prophesied that hundreds of thousands of Sacred Servants will be excommunicated for not accepting the new rules and who will not adore the false prophet or the antichrist.  The apostasy that will happen to the Church (which is imminent by the way), will result in one of the two sides taking over the Church.  Can we guess which side that will be?  I can give you a hint.  It’s not the faithful Holy Priests out there because the faithful will become a remnant and will be cast out into the desert for 1260 days into the wilderness.  Therefore the group that takes over the Church are those who will accept these new changes in the newly “reformed Church” and who will take it over as we see in Revelation 17.  More about this later on which we will be able to back up with Holy Scripture. 

So although we might like to be hopeful and think that all men in the Catholic Church would never ever deviate from the truth and would never fall into apostasy, the sad fact is that the Holy Word of God itself even tells us that this will be the case There indeed will be an Apostasy, also known as the “rebellion” in Thessalonians that will take place within the Catholic Church PRIOR to Our Lord’s return.  They will accept changes and new interpretations to the Holy Mass and to the Church’s Teachings and heresies will spread throughout the Church.  See for yourself about what is going on in the Church these days.  Those who reject these changes and new interpretations will be cast out and accused of being “disobedient to the pope and the Church”.

The Vatican is much like a school bus.  The early Church did not have the Vatican so they had to walk the road instead.  Priests celebrated the Holy Sacraments not at St. Mary’s Basilica down the street, but rather in homes and over time the ‘school bus’ was built, aka the Vatican if you will.  What has been prophesied is that in the end that the “school bus” will be hijacked and the good and faithful Priests will be kicked off of it and “excommunicated” into the wilderness, thereby fulfilling the prophecies as we saw earlier from St. Faustina and Melanie from La Salette.  The True Catholic Church is NOT the Harlot in Revelation 17 but we must recognize that this will split the Church into two.  The Harlot in Revelation 17, as we will see, is the group that will fall into apostasy and who will take over the school bus while the True Catholic Church are those who remain faithful to God and who will be cast out into the desert.  To put it another way, we can be assured that as the Apostasy unfolds, we will not see good faithful Catholic Priests kicking those who are apostatizing from the faith out the door, but rather the opposite will take place.  It will be those who have apostatized from the truth that will kick out the good and faithful Priests who have not deviated from the Faith.  Their Churches and flocks will be handed over to those who will accept these changes.




So we desperately need to recall what OBEDIENCE to the Holy Catholic Church truly looks like because we do not want to be one of those who accepts these changes just because others doGod doesn’t call us to follow the herd, He calls us to follow Him and this test will weed out the faithful from the unfaithful.  Our obedience to our superiors, is not a blind obedience but rather it is DEPENDENT, is it not?  Obedience has a hierarchy to it and even our superiors are called to be obedience.  What if our superiors apostatize from the truth; are we to follow them into error?  Of course not.  Holy Scripture clearly indicates that there will be those in the Catholic Church who apostatize from the truth in the end.  Are those men to be followed?  Of course not.  Satan’s plan for the end is much like DOMINOS.  Capture the Seat of Peter and then to make very subtle changes from within the Church and from there, it will cascade down through the ranks out of ‘obedience’ to their superiors.  If satan can keep the Priests distracted and on auto-pilot, then they will not recognize his trap initially as they will think their duty is to their immediate superiors unconditionally

There are many superiors who are about to be caught into satan’s apostasy trap and they don’t even see it coming.  This is a very serious problem and requires Priests to remain alert and to be resolved to remain obedient to Jesus Christ even if your superiors are not.  No Priest should assume that their superiors will remain faithful because many of them will only be following the herd and not recognize the trap that satan has set for the herd.  The same thing that happened to the Jews will happen to the Catholics.  It was the Chief Priests, Annas and Caiaphas that crucified Our Lord.  This time the “Chief Priests” will crucify Our Lord again by removing the Holy Eucharist from the Church.  Such is the test of the faithful.

OBEDIENCE REQUIRES US TO KNOW OUR FAITH AND TO PUT JESUS CHRIST AT THE CENTER OF OUR OBEDIENCE.  There have been times in history where there have been bad priests, bad bishops, bad cardinals and even bad popes who have deviated from the Church’s teachings, and those men are NOT to be followed.  Our obedience to our superiors is conditional because there are times that men who are above us break away from following God.  That is a sad fact, but it is the truth my dear Father, is it not?  Our obedience requires us to ABOVE ALL, OBEY GOD, does it not?  People of this day and age have confused what obedience to the Holy Catholic Church really is.  THEY HAVE PLACED THEIR OBEDIENCE IN MEN ON PEDASTOOLS THINKING THAT IS THE SAME THING AS BEING OBEDIENT TO GOD.  IT IS NOTJust because a man wears white or wears a collar, doesn’t make him holy and obedient to God.  St. Luke reminds us of our duty of obedience to God in Acts 5:29..

ACTS 5:29 - “But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.”




That is exactly the test that is about to fall upon all of us Catholics.

St. Peter would assuredly say the same thing to this generation, would he not?  If forced into the position of choosing between the two, we must choose to obey God over man, must we not?  Most people may not know this but the Apostasy that will happen to the Catholic Church will require us to choose between the two.  Sadly many people are not prepared for this test of obediance that will befall upon the Catholic Church in the end.  Many may think that God would expect us to be obedient to our human superiors no matter what they say, but that is not the case, is that not true my dear Father?


My dear Father, I do not think that the importance of obedience can be overemphasized here because most certainly Our Lady of Fatima would always point us to be obedient to Jesus Christ and the Teachings of the Catholic Church, would she not?  But what happens when a pope starts to teach things that are contrary to what the Church has taught for 2000 years?   At the following examples “new teachings” of the Catholic Church?







Below, on the left is an excerpt of Pope Francis saying that “Mother Earth has given us life” – June 1st, 2016, Vatican radio..




Pope Francis teaches that God is unjust?  December 15, 2016 Pope Francis says “Is God unjust?  He was unjust with his son, he sent him to the cross, if we follow this logic then we have to say this”.




March 25, 2017 – Pope Francis says “Inside the Holy Trinity they’re all arguing behind closed doors, but on the outside they give the picture of unity.”




On December 20, 2013 – Pope Francis speaking on the Virgin Mary at the cross – “She (the Virgin Mary) was silent, but in her heart, how many things she told the Lord!  ‘You, that day, this and the other that we read, you had told me that he would be great, you had told me that you would have given him the throne of David, his forefather, that he would have reigned forever and now I see him there!”  Our Lady was human!  And perhaps she even had the desire to say” “Lies!  I was deceived!” (This was reported December 20, 2013, Vatican Radio)

Also reported on May 29, 2015 from Vatican.VA was this quote from Pope Francis as well – “Our Lady, too, did not understand.  Because she, in that moment, remembered what the Angel had said to her: “He will be King, he will be great, he will be a prophet…”; and inside, surely, with that wounded body lying in her arms, that body that suffered so before dying, inside surely she wanted to say to the Angel: “Liar!  I was deceived.”



















Are these new teachings of the Catholic Church?  Is any man permitted to make changes to what the Church Teaches?

My Father, there is not just a couple of off-the-cuff sayings but he still emphasizes Catholic Tradition.  But you yourself know, we never know what he is going to say next, is that not the case?





We are ALL called to be obedient to the Catholic Church, even the pope.  Obedience to the Holy Catholic Church is not a blind obedience to our superiors, but rather it is knowing what the Holy Catholic Church teaches and then to not deviate from those teachings even if all other men do.  I’m going to be honest with you my dear Father, it seems to me that many Priests will not see their test coming upon them until after they have made the wrong decision.  If the end result is that Holy Priests will have to offer the Holy Mass “in barns, in alcoves, in caves, and underground” as has been foretold, then I think it is reasonable for us to be prepared that the majority of Catholics, including our superiors, are likely to go along with the crowd and accept these changes which are imposed upon them.  Most people would probably not think that they would have a choice in the matter, but actually God will test us with this apostasy that has been foretold.  If your superiors passed out new books with new words to the Consecration tomorrow, would you just automatically accept those changes because they are coming from your superiors?  Or would you carefully examine them and reject anything that deviates from what the Church and from what Christ teaches?  As hard as it may be to believe that would ever happen, the Word of God itself says that the Daily Sacrifice will be abolished in the end and that itself is truly a deviation from Church Teaching, is it not?  To not accept these changes means to be excommunicated and to be accused of being “unfaithful to the Church”.  But who will be the ones that truly remain faithful to the Catholic Church?  That is the testThe true Church will be forced underground while the rest pay homage to the False Prophet and the Antichrist.

Those who will not deviate will be cast out into the desert and accused of being ‘unfaithful to the Church and to the pope’, but truthfully those who accept these changes are truly the ones who have apostatized from the truth.  As we can see, the Apostasy is not an easy test at all and it is a very cunning deceit of the devil.  To those who are asleep at the wheel, they will think their obedience is to their leaders is unconditionally and that they have to go along with the herd, but what the Word of God is telling us is that many of your leaders will have become corrupt in the end.  The ones who will truly remain obedient are those who will not deviate from Christ’s Teachings and from what the Church’s teaches.  THE APOSTASY WILL TEST THE PRIESTS TO SEE IF THEY HAVE REMAINED ALERT AND HAVE REMAINED FAITHFUL EVEN WHEN OTHERS HAVE NOT.  Any NEW TEACHINGS are not from the Holy Spirit as that is impossible as that would imply that Christ’s teachings were incomplete when they were given to the Apostles.  The Holy Mass is Sacred and it is Eternal and not to be changed, is that not true my dear Father?  What man on earth has been given the authority to change the Holy Mass or alter or make NEW exceptions to who can receive the Holy Eucharist?  The answer is none, but in fact these who are apostatizing will indeed change the Holy Mass and our Holy Priests will be powerless to stop them from doing so.




People may not want to accept this truth, but when the Book of Revelation indicates that the mystery of the harlot has a name written on her forehead, “Babylon the Great”, that coincides with 1 Peter 5:13..

Revelation 17: 5 – “The name written on her forehead was a mystery:  babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth.


1 Peter 5:13 – “She who is in Babylon, chosen together with you, sends you her greetings, and so does my son Mark.”


I’m sure that any Priest understands fully that Peter was not actually in Babylon when he wrote that.  Why would Peter say “she who is in Babylon… sends you her greetings” if Peter wasn’t in Babylon?  And more importantly, where was he actually writing from? 




Is Peter referring to Rome as “Babylon”?  Actually, yes he is.


Once we understand that Holy Scripture warns us ahead of time of the Apostasy that will take place in the Catholic Church in the end, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Harlot of the Book of Revelation is that one group of the Catholic Church who have apostatized from the truth but who have taken over the Church.  It would be a bad assumption on our part to assume that the group that apostatizes will actually physically leave the Church.  Matter of fact, the opposite is the case. They don’t physically leave the Church but rather they are the “gentiles” who will capture Rome and trample the Holy City for 42 months as has been foretold in the Book of Revelation.  Those are the ones who will side with the antichrist and he has been given authority to reign over the world for 42 months, has he not?  That includes Rome, it does not exclude it.  There is no “magic fairy bubble” that protects Rome in the end from the antichrist and the false prophet because they will indeed persecute the faithful in the end, is that not the case?  Is it not critical to know our Holy Scripture and our FAITH and what the Holy Roman Catholic Church believes and teaches?  Absolutely it is.  



Taking into consideration that we already know that the Church will be split by apostasy prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, it should come as no shock to any of us that those who will apostatize from the Teachings of the Church and who will follow the antichrist and the false prophet, will become the harlot in Revelation 17.  Let us put this in simple terms.  Those in the Catholic Church who follow the antichrist and the false prophet will not be following the true Church will they?  Those Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and lay people who remain true to the Church and Her Teachings, and to the Holy Eucharist, will be cast out into the desert in the end so says the Word of God.  Those who remain faithful are not the harlot, as they will remain true to the Holy Catholic Church, but they will also be cast into the desert if they do not accept the false prophet and the antichrist.  That section of the Church who deviates and rejoices over these new teachings will become the harlot in the Book of Revelation and are the ones who have abandoned the Church’s Teachings and Traditions.  They are the ones who will take over the Church and it is that part of the Church who has been deceived into following the antichrist and the false prophet and Rome WILL indeed fall into the hands of the antichrist as has been foretold.  Again, have we not paid heed to what Our Lady came to warn us about? 






Let us revisit our Catechism for a moment..

The Catechism has this to say:

675 - “Before Christ's second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers.  The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the "mystery of iniquity" in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.”

So the “supreme religious deception” is that of the antichrist, but let us not fail to recognize that leading up to that supreme religious deception is the apostasy.  The apostasy opens the door for the antichrist. So what happens to the Church leading up to the antichrist?  As Thessalonians tells us;

2 Thessalonians 2:3 - Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction

So there is a rebellion that takes place in the Catholic Church prior to Our Lord’s return.  That is extremely important for Catholics to know, is it not?  There are changes that will be presented that on the outside will seem ‘necessary’ and will offer “an apparent solution to their problems” but it will be “at the price of apostasy”.  Is that not happening now my dear Father?  It is not the antichrist that imposes these new changes to let himself in the door, but rather the false prophet must pave the way for the antichrist as the false prophet will be a well-liked and will be the most powerful religious leader in the world




Who is the most recognized and powerful religious leader of the world?  Why did St. Francis of Assisi warn us that in the end “A Man, not Canonically Elected, will be raised to the Pontificate”? 





St. Francis of Assisi is speaking of the False Prophet.  The False Prophet will be the one who is not Canonically Elected that will be raise to the Pontificate.

Which only makes sense because if the False Prophet where a Hindu, or a Buddhist or a Taoist, how would that ever help the antichrist get his foot in the door to the Catholic Church which we already know he’ll take over?  The answer is that it wouldn’t.  If the antichrist is going to claim that he is the ‘christ’, then he will need those in the Catholic Church to back that claim up in order to lead as many people astray as he can.  So it is critical to listen to Our Lady’s warning that there will be TWO POPES alive in the end.  One of these will be the False Prophet paving the way for the antichrist, and the other pope will be the true Pope.  Let us listen to Melanie from La Salette very carefully:  “At first, we will not know which is the true pope.”  The word “TRUE” means that one of them is the TRUE POPE and the other one IS NOT THE TRUE POPE.  That is because the first one is God’s anointed Pope and the other is the False Prophet who has captured the Seat of Peter.  God who created time and space and who knows all future events, would never overlap two authentic popes.  This is part of the deception which has been foretold.  The job of a Pope is very serious.  If we claim that Pope Benedict had been anointed by God to be Pope in the first place, then how could we ever believe that God would anoint him if He already knew that he could not complete the task?  Why would God choose one man and then choose another to replace him?  My dear Father, I’m not a theologian but even the average Catholic can see that something just is not right here.  Hence, Our Lady’s prophecy of the two popes; one of them is the False Prophet who will be well loved and have a great following and lead the Church into Apostasy.

It has also been foretold that there will be an OATH that Priests will have to take which will be part of this APOSTASY which is something that all Priests should remain alert to and on guard if asked to sign any new pledge or oathIf it has not been required for the last 2,000 years, then you can be certain that any NEW OATH that will be presented to you will NOT be from God.  Those who are faithful to Jesus Christ and who will not accept these changes that are coming from within the Church will be deemed as heretics and will be excommunicated and accused of not being faithful to the Church.  WHICH BOAT WILL YOU BE IN FATHER?  The one who remains true to the Churches Teachings and Traditions even if it means excommunication and persecution, or would you be part of this new wave within the Church that is accepting falsities?  Let us put it this way; how long will you be able to keep Catholic Traditions alive and well if there is a pope in charge telling you ?



















Are you going to change my dear Father?  What will happen if you won’t play follow the leader?

Let us be honest here for a moment and recognize our duty to remain obedient to Jesus Christ at all times.  Amoris Laetitia may or may not have been well intended for all we know, but that is not what matters.  What truly matters is the great waves that are forming in the Catholic Church because of it.  Even things that may have been well intended can sometimes be misconstrued, misinterpreted, misapplied, or could even contain errors, can they not?  So by all means, it is not necessary to go around “pope bashing” because that would be disrespectful to the Papacy, but rather in all honesty, what Our Lady has prophesied will indeed come true and intentionally or unintentionally, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the outcome of Amoris Laetitia, has not been good for the Holy Catholic Church, especially if Pope Francis is not going to provide the necessary clarification of what the Catholic Church truly teaches on these matters.  If left as is, without clarification coming forward from the Seat of Peter, reinforcing the Teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, then it can absolutely be disastrous for the Holy Catholic Church, can it not?  And truth be told, with the four Cardinals asking for clarification, along with recently the 62 Catholic Scholars and Clergy coming forward, you yourself are witnessing the Apostasy in the Catholic Church playing out right before your very eyes, are you not?  Do you believe that somehow this will mend by itself and everything will go back to the way it was?  It can’t mend if the truth is not clarified and each of us should know that to be the case.  If Pope Francis does not provide the necessary closure and clarification that is being requested of him, then this crack will not mend, but rather will inevitably tear down the middle of the Catholic Church which will add more fuel to the Apostasy which has been foretold.  This is not a criticism on a work of a pope but rather a sober reflection for all of us who are charged with upholding and defending the Holy Teachings of the Catholic Church.  Lay people have a responsibility in this too, is that not the case? 




Have there ever been bad popes in the history of the Catholic Church?  Yes there have been.

Being a bad pope doesn’t mean that everyone hates you.  Likewise, being a good pope doesn’t mean that everyone likes you.  Being a good pope means that you uphold the Teachings and Traditions of the Catholic Church even if the rest of the world hates you, is that not the case?  What makes a good pope vs. a bad pope?  A bad pope is not necessarily an evil man or one who everyone hates.  Matter of fact, a bad pope can be one that everyone lovesbut who is one who will  compromise on the Church’s Teachings and Traditions.  Don’t popes have freewill as well?  Don’t popes have to go to confession as well?  Where in Holy Scripture or in Church Teachings or Traditions does it say that all popes are infallible on all things and are protected from all errors?  The nicest guy in the world that tells the people what they want to hear doesn’t make for a good pope.  A good pope must DEFEND the Church’s Teachings and keep the Traditions of the Catholic Church intact, should he not? 

Considering the fact that defending and upholding our Catholic faith is actually something that all Catholics are called to, can you name one instance where Pope Francis came out publicly and defended the Church’s Teachings and Traditions?  Honestly, can you?  Or can you recall instances where he has said something “new” that we have not heard before that seems to push the envelope?  Is he God’s chosen pope, or is he the “people’s pope” telling them what they want to hear?























The world will always hate a good pope, because it hated Jesus.  Is that not the case my dear Father; because truthfully the world does not want to have to repent of their sins.  The role of a pope is not to tell the people what they want to hear.  He actually has a job to do to defend the Faith.  What would Jesus say about a pope that rocks the boat or pushes the envelope or opens the door for new interpretations?  With all due respect to the Holy Papacy, is that a good pope for the Catholic Church?  How about a pope that others outside the Church cheer on and applaud for being a “man of change”?  Let me ask you honestly, without bashing a pope but with our focus on upholding the Teachings and Traditions of the Catholic Church, is Pope Francis about TRADITION or is he about CHANGE?  That question is not an attack on him, but rather a realistic observation considering the fact that CATHOLIC TRADITION is something that a pope must defend, is that not true?


Jesus Christ Himself tells us we shall know them by their fruit.  When people outside the Catholic Church who hate Jesus Christ and who hate the Church’s Teachings and the call to repentance, but who love Pope Francis, is that not something that seems a little odd?  Why would homosexuals for example who hate Jesus Christ, but love Pope Francis and put him on the cover of their magazines? 





Is it because he represents “change” to the Catholic Church?  The answer to that would obviously be yes.  What kind of pope would Jesus Christ want on the Seat of Peter?  One who is about “change” or one who upholds tradition?

Without condemning anyone, we need to listen to Jesus Christ here and follow what Our Lord has to say.

Luke 6:26 - Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.  

So this is not a matter of placing judgment on any pope but rather listening to Jesus Christ and to recognize that CHANGE and TRADITION are like fire and water to a tree.  One will burn it down and the other one will nurture it.  Ask any man on the street, “do you think Pope Francis is about Tradition or about Change?” and you are pretty much are going to see that people will unanimously say that he is for CHANGE.  Or would you disagree?

Being nice and being loved by all are not the signs of a good pope.  No servant can be greater than his master.





John 15:18-20 - “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.  That is why the world hates you.  Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.”

Is the world persecuting Pope Francis? 

Are they throwing tomatoes and stones at him, or do they love him? 

That’s an honest question my dear Father.  Clearly we all see that people persecute and hate Jesus Christ on a daily basis, but do people hate Pope Francis that same way too?  Has this world and the Church somehow become more in love with Pope Francis then they are with Jesus Christ?  As one who follows Jesus Christ and loves Him, that is an honest question to ask.

Why do the leaders of other churches and religions who hate Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, respect and honor Pope Francis?  Has the servant become greater than the Master?  How can this be?





























If Jesus were alive, do you think that He would be reading the Koran?  What message does that send to the faithful?


It all comes down to OBEDIENCE and we will all be tested.

In regards to the two popes, it is important for us to understand that God would never anoint two separate men to be the Holy Father at the same time.  When have we ever seen in history a Pope step down so that another could take his place?  As has been foretold, the Seat of Peter has been stolen by those who have infiltrated the Church and they have captured it through deception.  As the prophecies have foretold, they have secretly forced Pope Benedict out and put another man in his place as has been foretold.  As Melanie from La Salette has pointed out.. “At first, we will not know which is the true pope.  That means that people (including Catholics) will believe one man to be pope when actually he is not.  It also foreshadows that later on people will come to realize which one is the true pope which by simple deduction means that Melanie is essentially telling us that the FIRST of the two popes is the true Pope.  

There is coming a day before the end when Pope Benedict will guide God’s children from his place of exile to the Truth.  Our Holy Father Pope Benedict needs our prayers.  His throne has been stolen but his power has not.  This is why there are two popes in the end.  One will lead half of the Church into Apostasy and take it over, and the other half of the Church will be excommunicated for not accepting these changes which are taking place already.

So my dear Father, I ask you to remain alert and to always remain obedient to Jesus Christ, even when those around you seek to make changes to the Church which you know are not of God.  Begin setting to the side the necessary supplies you need to continue to feed God’s sheep through the upcoming storm.  You will have been wise to do so.  Faithful Priests will be stripped of their Churches and so they must continue to feed God’s sheep when they are forced into exile.  This is so critical.  Do not accept changes to God’s Holy Teachings, or to the Holy Sacraments or changes to the Holy Mass.  Follow Jesus Christ, not the herd who is wandering off of the path towards the cliff.  There are those of us lay people out there who are aware of this and who will help our Priests when we are cast into the wilderness.  As St. Faustina essentially pointed out earlier, Priests will have to provide the Holy Sacraments and to offer Holy Masses in places of refuge and in exile for the faithful.  Do not accept any new oaths and be aware that there will be new books passed out and you will be asked to hand over your current books.  Keep your vestments, your Holy Books and recognize that anyone who would ask you to turn them in is not of God. 

Remain alert, remain watchful, remain obedient.  Remain true to the Holy Eucharist, no matter the cost and most certainly you will be rewarded accordingly. 


May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and strengthen you and may Our Mother of Salvation keep each of our Holy Priests safely tucked in her holy mantle and shielded them from all evil.  I write this to you so that you will keep your eyes fixated on the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ and that you might set aside altar bread and wine in the event that the storm does come upon you and your flock.  This letter is no master-piece but rather if it helps even one Holy Priest to be prepared to feed his flock through the upcoming storm which could happen at any time, then it was all worth it.  The famine that is foretold in the Book of Revelation is not only about ordinary bread; it has to do with the Bread of Life as well and there will come a day when the Bread of Life is stripped from the Catholic Church and only then will people begin to realize just how important it was to be prepared for this event.

With great respect for all of our Holy Priests who will not deviate from Christ’s Teachings,





P.S.  Please, if you take away only one thing away from this paper, on behalf of your flock, please go formulate a plan now to start putting alter bread and wine aside.  If nothing more, at least every time you place an order for alter bread and wine, at least increase the order by 10%, and start putting that to the side because the ability to feed your flock is absolutely critical and should not be taken lightly.  Those Priests who have not had the foresight to be prepared will most assuredly wish they had when Our Lord Jesus Christ judges them on whether or not they had oil in their lamps at all times, is that not the case?  God bless you my dear Father and may he always protect you from the wolves.


P.P.S.  I offer the following links that you may want to consider reviewing

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4. The Book of Truth -



Who is the False Prophet?

  1. My beloved Pope Benedict XVI is the last true pope on this Earth. - April 12th, 2012 @ 11:27
  2. They plan to replace the Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI,with a dictator of lies. He will create a new church in league with the antichrist and his group, in order to deceive the world. - January 18th, 2012 @ 09:50
  3. One half will believe, out of duty, the need to follow the false prophet, the pope who will follow Pope Benedict XVI. - April 10th, 2012 @ 20:45
  4. They, My daughter, are being sent to prepare God’s children to accept the next pope, who comes after My beloved Vicar ,Pope Benedict. This pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church, but he will be the false prophet. His electors are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are members of the secret Masonic and evil group led by Satan. This is how Satan will try to destroy My Church. Sadly, he will, this false prophet, attract a large following. Those who oppose him will be persecuted. - April 12th, 2012 @ 11:27
  5. Be assured that it will be the Catholic Church, founded by Me and placed under the command of My beloved apostle, Peter, which will suffer the greatest in the end times. - April 12th, 2012 @ 11:27
  6. Please recite this Crusade Prayer (44) Strength to defend my Faith against the false prophet
    “Dear Jesus, give me the strength to focus on Your Teachings and to proclaim Your Holy Word at all times. Never allow me to be tempted to idolize the false prophet, who will try to present himself like You. Keep my love for You strong. Give me the Graces of Discernment, so that I will never deny the Truth contained in the Holy Bible, no matter how many lies are presented to me to encourage me to turn my back on Your True Word. Amen.” - April 12th, 2012 @ 11:27
  7. My beloved Pope Benedict XVI was persecuted and fled, as foretold. I have not appointed this person, who claims to come in My Name. He, Pope Benedict, will guide My followers towards the Truth. I have not deserted him and I will hold him close to My Heart and give him the comfort he needs at this terrible time. His throne has been stolen. His power has not. - March 13th, 2013 @ 21:20
  8. The reign in the House of Peter will be short and soon My Beloved Pope Benedict will guide God’s children from his place of exile. Peter, My Apostle, the founder of My Church on earth, will guide him in the last difficult days, as My Church fights for its Life. - March 29th, 2013 @ 08:45
  9. Those who remain loyal to Me, and those who reject the abomination, will be guided by Peter the Apostle, who sat in the first Seat of Rome. He will guide My beloved Benedict, who will, as foretold, help them to see the Truth. He will have to witness the horror, but he will be supported by those who have sworn allegiance to the One True Word of God. - May 2nd, 2013 @ 20:07
  10. The false prophet and the antichrist - Just watch with clear eyes, the false prophet, who will attempt to lead My Church, for he does not come from the House of My Eternal Father. He will seem like he does. But this will be false. Watch too, for the friendship he will display with the antichrist, for they will be two of the most deceitful followers of Satan – dressed in sheep’s clothing. They will have powers, which will seem like the miracles of old, but these powers will be satanic. You must keep in grace at all times in order to defend your Faith. Pray for My holy servants, who, lukewarm in their faith, will be drawn into the arms of the deceiver. He will appeal to them because he will offer excitement, passion, so-called love, which will be ego-driven, and his charismatic appearance will be difficult to resist. Go down this path, My sacred servants, and you will be lost to Me forever. - February 19th, 2011 @ 15:00
  11. Pray, pray, pray for the graces of discernment so that you may see this false prophet for what he truly is. A demon sent to distract you, from the depths of Hell. Be thankful that you are his targets. Because of your allegiance to Me, you will be put to the ultimate test, the test of your faith. Never again will you have to face such a test. So be prepared. Turn to Me all of you, My sacred servants, now, before it is too late. - February 19th, 2011 @ 15:00
  12. Pray, pray, pray that the false prophet will be identified for what he is. Watch out for his demeanour. His attention seeking agenda, the way in which My misguided sacred servants will drop in awe at his feet. Then listen to what he has to say, carefully. His humility will be false, his intentions mischievous and the love he exudes will be all about him. He will be seen as being innovative, dynamic – a breath of fresh air. While he is driven and energetic, his powers will not come from God the Eternal Father. They come from Satan, the evil one. - March 5th, 2011 @ 10:00
  13. Advice for servants of the Church - For My sacred servants this is what I must inform you. Fix your eyes on Me now and pray to The Holy Spirit to keep you on your toes, so that you will recognize the false prophet as soon as he shows himself within your midst. Then you need to gather in groups to ensure that My children will be able to receive the Most Holy Eucharist during the persecution. - July 8th, 2011 @ 15:30
  14. You will be asked to show allegiance to the false prophet very soon. See him for what he is and judge his works in order to see if they bear fruit. For the fruit that he and his slavish devotees will yield will be rotten to the core. One bite will destroy your allegiance to Me. Two or more bites will drive such a wedge between you and My Sacred Heart that you will find it almost impossible to enter My Father’s Kingdom. Watch carefully now the changes you will see creeping in within your own ministry. Some of these adjustments will not seem to be a problem in the beginning. But as time moves on certain changes will be forced upon you and you will be made to swallow lies. The lies will come from Satan and will be dressed in sheep’s clothing. - September 13th, 2011 @ 15:15
  15. My Army will take position, and begin to fight, to save the Holy Catholic Church, from ruination. They, the false prophet and his followers, will not win, My daughter, but how I cry for those sacred servants of Mine who will fall by the wayside. So deluded will they be, that they will think they are following the orthodox Catholic Church. In fact, they will be siding with the false prophet, who will rule over My Holy See, with pride and contempt in his heart. You, My daughter, must ask My children to pray hard, in order to mitigate this abomination. I need prayer to save the souls of My poor, misguided priests, bishops and cardinals, blind to the Truth. The Holy Seat of Peter will be desecrated by Satan’s fallen angels, in league with the antichrist and his various organisations. - January 20th, 2012 @ 20:15
  16. You, My precious followers, will form the Remnant Church on Earth and will be led by those brave sacred servants, who will recognise the false prophet for what he is. - March 20th, 2012 @ 21:20
  17. They will declare that the false prophet will be the true Pope. - August 12th, 2012 @ 18:00
  18. The daily Sacrifices, the Masses, will eventually cease, as foretold, because the false prophet will declare that a new form of Mass be held, and the old format will no longer be relevant, he will say. - November 4th, 2012 @ 17:45
  19. In the name of social justice and social compassion, the false prophet will set out, what the world will believe to be, to evangelise and create a modern church. This church will be seen to reach out to all sinners and to embrace those sinners whose sins are not acceptable by Me. - August 10th, 2013 @ 12:49
  20. False prophet will be treated like a living saint. Those who oppose him will be considered heretics - January 21st, 2012 @ 13:15
  21. You will either be for the false prophet and against Me or you will be for Me. Choose the first and your soul will be stolen by the deceiver. Harsh as this sounds, it is the Truth. - April 15th, 2012 @ 19:16
  22. My dearly beloved daughter, I call out to all of God’s children and assure you that I, your beloved Jesus, could never undermine My Own Church. However, I will not stand back and watch My Church, by the hand of one particular sect, who has no right to play a role in the Holy See, to disintegrate. For that is precisely what the false prophet and the imposters who idolise Satan, are trying to do. They want to topple the Catholic Church and break it into little pieces. This, My children, is how Satan will stand in final rebellion against God, the Creator of all things. This wicked plan to destroy My Church has been underway for 100 years, but, since 1967, it has intensified. Many imposters, who are members of this evil sect, who worship Satan, entered the seminaries to gain a foothold in the Vatican. Their powers, while allowed by God the Father, were restricted up to now. As the end times draw nearer that will change. This evil sect will now unleash every power to ensure that they will elect a new replacement for My Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI. All those who know My Teachings will see changes in the recital of the Holy Mass. - April 16th, 2012 @ 18:00
  23. The False Prophet will not only take over the Catholic Church he will dictate over all Christian Churches which he will merge as one. But it will not be I, Jesus Christ that the New Temple will be built upon. It will be a temple, to replace the Holy See, to honour the beast. - June 10th, 2012 @ 15:30
  24. Others, blind to the Truth, will follow the false prophet into disarray. Their hearts will be deceived, and soon, when the false prophet will be seen to be at death’s door, they will sob. But then, just as if a miracle has taken place, the false prophet will seem to rise from the dead. They will say that he is blessed with great, supernatural powers from Heaven and they will fall flat on their faces before him in adoration. He will be loved and adored by those who cannot see. - July 25th, 2013 @ 18:52
  25. The Love of God will shine down on all those who ask My Father to stop the antichrist from inflicting terrible suffering on humanity. You must pray hard that he is cut down along with the False Prophet quickly.  - July 21st, 2012 @ 15:15
  26. I want all of you to begin a new Litany of Prayers for protection against the False Prophet and recite them once a day from now on. Here is the first Jesus to Mankind Litany Prayer (1) Protection against the False Prophet
    Dearest Jesus save us from the deceit of the False Prophet. Jesus have Mercy on us. Jesus save us from the persecution. Jesus preserve us from the antichrist. Lord have Mercy. Christ have Mercy. Dearest Jesus, cover us with Your Precious Blood. Dearest Jesus, open our eyes to the lies of the False Prophet. Dearest Jesus unite Your Church. Jesus protect our Sacraments. Jesus don’t let the False Prophet divide Your Church. Dearest Jesus help us to reject lies presented to us as the truth. Jesus give us strength. Jesus give us hope. Jesus flood our souls with the Holy Spirit. Jesus protect us from the Beast. Jesus give us the gift of discernment so we can follow the path of Your True Church at all times forever and ever. Amen. - August 19th, 2012 @ 22:56
  27. Brother will fight brother and sister, father against son, mother against daughter – all in their quest to follow the Truth, but so many will fail to see the errors of the teachings of the false prophet and will be lost to Me. - February 28th, 2013 @ 23:50
  28. The crowning of the false prophet will be celebrated by Masonic groups in all corners who plan the final stages of persecution of all My children. - March 12th, 2013 @ 14:38
  29. So many will embrace the reign of the false prophet and push Me to one side with joy in their hearts. Then when the errors of his ways become apparent, My poor sacred servants will have nowhere to turn. Their sorrow will turn to fear and their fear will turn to despair. They won’t know who to trust, but they must understand this. My Body, My Church, may be scourged and desecrated but My Spirit can never be touched, for It can never die. - March 14th, 2013 @ 18:00
  30. I declare that those who are led astray by the false prophet will find themselves lost and confused as they accept the great deceit, in which they will become willing victims. When you turn on Me and My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, it will not appear to you that this is the case. You will believe that the Sacraments are the same, although they will be presented to you differently. They will become empty vessels and will no longer be acceptable by Me. - August 3rd, 2013 @ 13:17
  31. Those of you, who idolise the beast and who follow the false prophet into the new world religion, will be thrown in the burning fires of Hell, alive, with these two. - August 10th, 2013 @ 12:49
  32. My dearly beloved daughter, the plan by the false prophet to deceive the world’s clergy has begun. Under the guise of a renewal and regeneration of the Catholic Church, all the clergy, within this Church, will be sent on retreats to encourage them to accept the new apostolate. These will become widespread and many will be told that the objective is to unite everyone in the world, in the name of justice. This new mission will, they will be told, embrace the world’s poor and strive to bring about unity. They will be asked to pledge their allegiance, through a new oath, to remain faithful to the Church. They will not be asked to place their faith in Me or My Holy Word. Instead, they will swear allegiance to the new self-proclaimed leaders who have taken over the Chair of Peter. Make no mistake that those who have been bestowed with the Gift of Holy Orders will be asked to participate in a falsity, where I, Jesus Christ, will not be at the forefront, though it will appear to be the case. Money will be a driving force and a new financial organization will be set up to control the seeking of funds to ensure that the world’s poor will benefit. When you amend your Holy Orders, in any way, and then pledge your life to someone who breaks all ties with Me, you will no longer be fit to serve Me. Everything will be seen to be made simple in the Eyes of God. The plan will be to convince those sacred servants of Mine to take part, willingly, in the abomination, which will link society and a secular world with the Church, which was set up by Me, Jesus Christ. This is how I will be insulted. Every effort to embrace secularism will be applauded by non-believers and this will be seen to be a good thing, for the new, so-called modern society of today. It will soon seem strange to Christians when they see members of the secular world embrace the Catholic Church, so enthusiastically. But many will brush off their doubts and dismiss their concerns, as they will fall for the great deceit. At the kernel of this plan to revolutionize the Church lies a hatred for Me and everything that I gave My Church. You must question everything in the days ahead. Demand answers when they change My Teachings and twist them to suit pagans. No disciple, appointed by Me, would ever be given the authority to do this, for it amounts to blasphemy. Woe to those who allow My Holy Word to be tampered with and allow room to be set aside to show respect for those who deny Me. Your Jesus - August 18th, 2013 @ 17:45




Humble Servant’s Opening Prayer – 9/24/13 - 06:00 pm
Jesus forgive me, for I have sinned.

Prayer to be able to see that these Messages are of Divine Origin – 8/15/11 - 12:05 am
Jesus, if this is really You, please flood my soul with the sign of Your Love so that I can recognise You for Who You are. Do not let me be deceived by lies. Show me instead Your Mercy by opening my eyes to the Truth and the path to Your New Paradise on Earth.

Prayer to Jesus to save you at the Second Coming – 6/13/14 - 10:20 pm
Jesus, help me. Jesus, forgive me for all my sins.

Prayer for the gift of enlightenment – 11/3/11 - 09:00 pm
O Jesus, cover me with Your Precious Blood and fill me with the Holy Spirit, so that I can discern whether these Words come from You. Humble me in spirit. Receive my pleas with Mercy and open my heart to the Truth.

Prayer for the graces of wisdom, calm and discernment – 3/20/12 - 09:20 pm
O Jesus help me to see the truth of your Holy Word at all times and remain loyal to your teachings no matter how much I am forced to reject you.

Crusade Prayer (114) For Priests to receive the Gift of Truth:

My Lord, open my eyes. Allow me to see the enemy and close my heart to deceit. I surrender all to You, dear Jesus. I trust in Your Mercy. Amen.


Prayer to withstand the abomination which is on the way – 10/28/11 - 10:40 pm
O My beloved Jesus, I invoke Your protection and ask for Your Mercy to save my brothers and sisters, within Your Church, from falling victim to the antichrist. Give me the graces and protect me with Your Armour of Strength to stand up to the evil acts, which may be perpetrated in Your Holy Name. I beg for Your Mercy and pledge my allegiance to Your Holy Name at all times.


I give you now, the final Crusade Prayer - Crusade Prayer (170)
Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @ 21:10
My dearly beloved daughter, My Heart is so broken at this time. The traitors have pierced My Side and the earth is now being flooded with an outpouring of My Grief, which is so intense, that I cannot be comforted.
I ask now, who among My sacred servants will be strong enough to uphold the Truth?
I give you, the final Crusade Prayer. It is for priests. I ask that My sacred servants recite it daily.

Crusade Prayer (170) To uphold the Holy Word of God.
O Dear Lord, my beloved Jesus Christ Hold me. Protect me. Keep me in the Light of Your Face, as my persecution intensifies, when my only sin is to uphold the Truth, the Holy Word of God. Help me to find the courage to serve you faithfully at all times. Give me Your Courage and Your Strength, as I fight to defend Your Teachings against fierce opposition. Never desert me, Jesus, in my time of need and provide me with everything I need to continue to serve You, through the provision of the Holy Sacraments and Your Precious Body and Blood, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Bless me Jesus. Walk with me. Rest in me. Stay with me. Amen. - Your Jesus

Crusade Prayer (57) Prayer for the Clergy – Jesus, let me hear Your call:

O my dear Jesus, open my ears to the sound of Your Voice. Open my heart to Your loving call. Fill my soul with the Holy Spirit, so I can recognize You at this time. I offer You my humble allegiance to all that You ask of me. Help me to discern the Truth, to rise, respond, and follow Your Voice so, I can help You to save the souls of all of humanity. Your Will is my command. Give me the courage to let You guide me, so I can take up the armor needed to lead Your Church towards Your New Kingdom. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (110) For Priests to remain true to Your Holy Word:

O my dearest Jesus, I beg You to keep me strong and courageous, so that I can defend the Truth in Your Most Holy Name. Give me the Grace I need – I implore – to give testimony to Your Holy Word at all times. Enable me to withstand the pressures to promote untruths, when I know in my heart that they offend You. Help me to remain true to Your Holy Word, until the day I die. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (70) Prayer for Clergy to remain firm and true to the Holy Word of God:

O dear Jesus, help Your sacred servants to recognize the schism within Your Church, as it unfolds. Help Your sacred servants to remain firm and true to Your Holy Word. Never let worldly ambitions cloud their pure love for You. Give them the Graces to remain pure and humble before You and to honour Your Most Holy Presence in the Eucharist. Help and guide all those sacred servants who may be lukewarm in their love for You and re-kindle the Fire of the Holy Spirit in their souls. Help them to recognize temptation, placed before them to distract them. Open their eyes, so they can see the Truth at all times. Bless them, dear Jesus, at this time and cover them with Your Precious Blood to keep them safe from harm. Give them the strength to resist the seduction of Satan, should they be distracted by the allure of denying the existence of sin. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (56) For Priests seeking Protection for the Holy Eucharist:

O Dear Father, in the Name of Your Precious Son, Who sacrificed Himself on the Cross for the whole of mankind, help me to stay true to the Truth. Cover me with the Precious Blood of Your Son and give me the Graces to continue to serve You in faith, trust and honour, for the rest of my ministry. Never let me stray from the True Meaning of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass or the Presentation of the Holy Eucharist to Your children. Give me the strength to represent You and feed Your flock, the way in which they must be fed, with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (12) Prayer to avoid the Sin of Pride:

O my Jesus, help me to avoid the sin of pride when I speak in Your Name. Forgive me if I ever belittle anyone in Your Holy Name. Help me to listen, Jesus, when Your Voice is spoken and fill me with Your Holy Spirit, so that I can discern the Truth of Your Word when You Call out to mankind. Amen.

Litany Prayer (6) Gift of Graces:

O dearest Jesus, my beloved Saviour, Fill me with Your Love. Fill me with Your Strength.  Fill me with Your Wisdom. Fill me with Your Perseverance.  Fill me with Your Humility.  Fill me with Your Courage.  Fill me with Your Passion.  Amen.

Crusade Prayer (51) For the Gift of the Holy Spirit:

O come Holy Spirit, pour Your Gift of Love, Wisdom and Knowledge, over my humble soul. Fill me with the Light of Truth, so that I can discern the Truth of God, from the lies spread by Satan and his angels. Help me to grasp the torch and spread the Flame of understanding to all those I meet, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Crusade Prayer (104) - Free this soul from slavery

Dearest Jesus, I present to You the soul of my brother and sister, who has abandoned their soul to Satan. Take this soul and redeem it in Your Holy Eyes. Free this soul from slavery to the beast and bring it eternal salvation. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (22) Catholic Priests to uphold the Teachings of the Church:

O my beloved Jesus, keep me strong and the flame of my love for You alight, every moment of my day. Never allow this flame of love, for You, to flicker or die. Never allow me to weaken in the presence of temptation. Give me the graces needed to honour my vocation, my devotion, my loyalty and, to uphold the Teachings of the Orthodox Catholic Church. I offer You my allegiance, at all times. I pledge my commitment to fight in Your army, so that the Catholic Church can rise again in glory to welcome You, dear Jesus, when You come again. Amen.

Litany Prayer (1) Protection against the false prophet:

Dearest Jesus, save us from the deceit of the false prophet. Jesus, have Mercy on us. Jesus, save us from the persecution. Jesus, preserve us from the antichrist. Lord, have Mercy. Christ, have Mercy. Dearest Jesus, cover us with Your Precious Blood. Dearest Jesus, open our eyes to the lies of the false prophet. Dearest Jesus, unite Your Church. Jesus, protect our Sacraments. Jesus, don’t let the false prophet divide Your Church. Dearest Jesus, help us to reject lies, presented to us as the Truth. Jesus, give us strength. Jesus, give us hope. Jesus, flood our souls with the Holy Spirit. Jesus, protect us from the beast. Jesus, give us the Gift of Discernment, so we can follow the path of Your True Church at all times, forever and ever. Amen.

Recite this Crusade Prayer (33) To acknowledge My Seal and accept it with love, joy and gratitude:

O my God, my loving Father, I accept with love and gratitude Your Divine Seal of Protection. Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity. I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty to You, my beloved Father. I beg You to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal and I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever. I love You, dear Father. I console You in these times, dear Father. I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son in atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (40) Prayer for the Clergy for preparing souls for the Second Coming:

O my Jesus, I am but a humble servant and need You to guide me, so I can prepare souls for Your Glorious Second Coming. Help me to convert souls and prepare them, according to Your Holy Will, so that they are fit to enter the New Heaven and Earth, which You promised all of mankind through Your death on the Cross. Give me the Graces I need, so that I can impart Your Word to thirsty souls and that I never waiver in my duty to You, dear Jesus, to Whom I pledged my allegiance, through my Sacred Vows. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (44) Strength to defend my faith against the false prophet:

Dear Jesus, give me the strength to focus on Your Teachings and to proclaim Your Holy Word at all times. Never allow me to be tempted to idolize the false prophet, who will try to present himself as You. Keep my love for You strong. Give me the Graces of Discernment, so that I will never deny the Truth contained in the Holy Bible, no matter how many lies are presented to me to encourage me to turn my back on Your True Word. Amen.

Crusade (53) Prayer for the Catholic Church:

O God the Father, in the Name of Your Beloved Son I beg You to give strength and the Graces needed to help priests withstand the persecution they endure. Help them to adhere to the Truth of the Teachings of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and to never waiver, weaken or submit to untruths about the Existence of the Holy Eucharist. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (74) For Gift of Discernment:

O Mother of God, help me to prepare my soul for the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Take me, as a child, by the hand, and lead me on the road towards the Gift of Discernment, through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Open my heart and teach me to surrender in body, mind and soul. Rid me of the sin of pride and pray that I will be forgiven, for all past sins, so that my soul is purified and that I am made whole, so that I can receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit. I thank You, Mother of Salvation, for Your intercession, and I await with love in my heart for this Gift, for which I yearn with joy. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (66) For Clergy: Help me to remain true to Your Most Holy Word:

O dear Jesus, help me to remain true to Your Most Holy Word, at all times. Give me the strength to uphold the Truth of Your Church in the face of adversity. Fill me with the grace to administer the Holy Sacraments in the way in which You taught us. Help me to feed Your Church with the Bread of Life and remain loyal to You, even when I am prohibited from doing so. Free me from the chain of deceit I may face, in order to proclaim the True Word of God. Cover all Your sacred servants with Your Precious Blood, at this time, so that we will remain courageous, loyal and steadfast, in our allegiance to You, our beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Do not be disheartened, My beloved sacred servants, for the discord has been prophesised and must come about in the final battle for souls. I love you and I will be with you now as you walk with Me the thorny road to Calvary so that Salvation can be achieved once more for all souls. Your Beloved Jesus

Crusade Prayer (123) Gift of free will to God:

My dearest Jesus, hear this prayer from me, a most unworthy soul, and help me to love You more. By my free will, I offer You this Gift back, dear Jesus, so that I can become Your humble servant and remain obedient to the Will of God. My will is Your Will. Your Command means that I am obedient to Your every desire. My free will is Yours to do with it what it is that is needed to save all people, all over the world, who are separated from You. I grant this Gift, which was given to me at birth, to Your Most Holy Service. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (140) Protection of Hierarchy of Angels:

Dearest Father, God of all Creation, God the Most High, grant me Grace and Protection through Your Hierarchy of Angels. Enable me to focus on Your Love for each of Your children, no matter how they offend You. Help me to spread the news of the Final Covenant to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, without fear in my heart. Grant me Your special Graces and Blessings to rise above persecution, inflicted upon me by Satan, his demons and his agents on Earth. Never allow me to fear Your enemies. Give me the strength to love my enemies and those who persecute me in the Name of God. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (135) To defend the Truth:

O beloved Mother of Salvation, help me in my moment of need. Pray that I am blessed with the Gifts poured down upon my unworthy soul, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to defend the Truth at all times. Sustain me in every incident, where I am asked to deny the Truth, the Word of God, the Holy Sacraments and the Most Holy Eucharist. Help me to use the Graces I receive to stand firm against the wickedness of Satan and all those poor souls he uses to defile your Son, Jesus Christ. Help me in my hour of need. For the sake of souls, give me the courage to provide the Sacraments to each child of God, when I may be forbidden by the enemies of God to do so. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (146) Protection against deception

Dear Mother of Salvation, protect me with the Grace of protection against deceptions, created by Satan to destroy the faith of Christians. Protect us against those who are the enemies of God. Keep us safe from lies and heresy, used to weaken our love for your Son. Open our eyes to untruths, deception and every attempt we may encounter to encourage us to deny the Truth. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (158) Protect me from the one world religion - Saturday, June 28th, 2014 @ 15:03

To ensure that you remain strong, courageous, calm and at peace, as you take up the Cross of my Son on your shoulders, you must recite this Crusade Prayer. For many of you who find it difficult to accept that these things are to come, there will come a day when you will recite this, Crusade Prayer (158) three times a day, because the pressures, which will be placed upon you to deny my Son, will be overwhelming.

Crusade Prayer (158) Protect me from the one world religion:
Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the new one world religion, which does not come from You. Sustain me on my journey to freedom, along the path to Your Holy Kingdom.  Keep me in union with You, whenever I am tormented and forced to swallow lies, which are spread by Your enemies to destroy souls.  Help me to withstand persecution, to remain firm to the True Word of God against false doctrines and other sacrileges, which I may be forced to accept.  Through the gift of my free will, take me into the Domain of Your Kingdom, to enable me to stand up and proclaim the Truth, when it will be declared to be a lie.   Never let me falter, hesitate or run away in fear, in the face of persecution. Help me to remain firm and steadfast to the Truth for as long as I live. Amen.

Crusade Prayer (163) Rescue me from persecution

O Jesus preserve me from the pain of persecution in Your Name.  Endear me to Your Heart.
Rid me of pride, greed, malice, ego and hatred in my soul.  Help me to truly surrender to Your Mercy.  Take my fears away.  Help me to unburden my pain and take all persecution away from me, so that I can follow You like a little child, in the knowledge that all things are within Your Control.  Free me from the hatred shown by all those who proclaim to be Yours but who really deny You.  Let not their cutting tongues scourge me or their evil acts divert me from the Path of Truth.  Help me to focus only on Your Kingdom to come and to persevere, with dignity against any insults, which I may endure on Your behalf.  Bring me peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of soul.  Amen.


Crusade Prayer (160) Help me to love You more

In order to remain loyal to Jesus Christ, you must love Him unconditionally. To love Him truly is a great blessing and is also a Gift from God. To those whose love for my Son has weakened, I ask that you receive this Prayer.

Crusade Prayer (160) Help me to love You more:
O Jesus of mine, Saviour of the world, help me to love You more. Help me to grow in my love for You. Fill my heart with Your Love and Compassion, so that I can attain the Graces to love You in the way that You love me. Fill my ungrateful soul with a deep and abiding love for You and all that You represent. By the Power of Your Graces help me to love my neighbour as You love every child of God and to show compassion to those who are in need of Your Love and who are without faith. Unite me in union with You, so that I can lead the Christian life, which You taught us by Your example during Your Time on Earth. Amen.

When you find that being the focus of abuse becomes unbearable - Saturday, March 16th, 2013 @ 12:40
I share this pain with You, dear Jesus, and ask that You bless my enemies, and those who scourge You, with the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Recommended Daily Prayer:

Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who roam the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. 

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