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November 4, 2014 - Job Letter to Holy Catholic Priests


Dear Holy Catholic Priests,


Wow, Francis sure is shaking things up in the Catholic Church, is he not?  Some call him a “breath of fresh air”.  What do you think?  It’s almost like you don’t know what he’ll do next, right?




Question.  Does Francis and the Catholic Church have the authority to make changes to the Holy Eucharist?  “No” you say?  Great.  How about an open-door policy where everyone can receive the Holy Eucharist?  How about that?  Does Francis or the Catholic Church have such authority?  Of course not.


So another question.  Who among you wants to keep your job?  More importantly, Who signs your paycheck?  The Catholic Church?  What will it take for you to be fired from your present job?  How about disobedience?  Would you get fired for disobedience?


Many Priests are about to be let go very soon and I am here to help you try and keep your job serving the Lord.  Impossible you say?  Then you will want to see the information that your Employer has given out recently regarding the up-coming terminations.  Think I’m joking?  Sadly as you will see, I’m not.


Let’s say that you’ve been a Holy Priest for that last ten years with a deep loyalty to the Holy Eucharist.  (Congratulations and I personally want to thank you for your service to the Lord.)  Up until now, your loyalty to Jesus Christ has been to serve Him through the Catholic Church and to feed His sheep.  Just like any job, one of the things that could get you fired is if you showed disobedience to the Church (or to those that you report to), is that not correct?  Assuredly if you do not comply with the instructions that you are given, then you are going to be removed from your position, am I not correct?  And if you were to receive changes to apply to the Holy Mass, even if you do not agree with them, you are required to follow them, is that not true?


But Who really is your employer?  The Catholic Church or Jesus Christ?  Why does Holy Scripture foretell that an apostasy will come; and furthermore, what is that all about?  Why does Daniel 12 foretell that the Daily Sacrifice will be abolished for 1290 days?  Will that be in the Catholic Church, or are we absolutely sure that we will always be able to receive the Holy Eucharist in our local Churches up until Jesus returns?  So what does this have to do with your job?  Well, isn’t one of your functions to distribute the Holy Eucharist to the sheep?  So how will you do your job then if the Holy Eucharist will be abolished for 1290 days in the Church which has to happen as that is the Word of God?


Before I shed some light on what is taking place, let us reflect on this question.  During such times, will any of you who are loyal to the Holy Eucharist be able to keep your jobs?  In all seriousness, let me put it another way.. during the 1290 days that has been prophesied in Daniel 12, will any of you Holy Priests be able to keep your jobs AND STILL CONTINUE to FEED God’s sheep in the way that you are meant to?


Um, actually no.


You most certainly will not be able to continue to feed God’s sheep under the roof of the Catholic Church as you are meant to during the 1290 days that Daniel has foretold will happen.  So which boat will Christ find each of you in?  Will you be in the boat of those who will remain faithful to the Holy Eucharist and be excommunicated from the Church or will you accept the changes to take place that the Catholic Church will carry out in Daniel 12?  That will NEVER happen you say?  Let me remind everyone that Daniel 12 is the Word of God which can happen any time God so chooses and it will happen just as prophesied.  When will that happen?  5,000,000 years from now, or is Francis that ‘breath of fresh air’ that we “need” to make changes to the Holy Mass that could affect the Holy Eucharist?  Do you think that Francis is done making changes in the Church or has he only begun?




Let me ask you another question.  If Francis were to say tomorrow that ALL PEOPLE are now to receive Holy Communion because we cannot “discriminate” against anyone as Jesus would never want that, then what?  What would you do about that?  Does Francis have the “power” to change that?  See, power and authority are two separate things.  Francis clearly does not have the authority from up above to make such changes, but the question is, does he have the “power” and the mindset to do so?  So who of you could stop him from making such changes?  And if he were to make such changes, will you not become the villain for holding back the Holy Eucharist from all people when Francis says everyone should have it?  Let me ask you, would you feed the Holy Eucharist to those that are clearly in mortal sin?  How about a gay couple coming up holding hands to receive Holy Communion and kiss afterwards?  What then?  But as Francis himself has made very clear to the world, “who am I to judge” right??


One thing is for certain, when the Church does make changes that affect the Daily Sacrifice as Daniel warns us in Scripture, good Holy Catholic Priests that remain loyal to the Holy Eucharist will all be FIRED, persecuted, mocked and humiliated and thrown out for DISOBEDIENCE.  All their careers will be over.  Yet that is absolutely what will happen when Daniel 12 unfolds.  How can it not? 


Is the reflection that I am presenting to you with the intent to get Priests to abandon and walk away from the true teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ through the early Church and the Apostles?  Absolutely not.  On the contrary, I am here to support that.  Do I recognize that when posed with such a test as we see in Daniel 12 that we all need to remain loyal to the Holy Eucharist even if it means excommunication from the Church?   Yes, absolutely, and I think you do too. 


What is your position?  Are you prepared to defend the Holy Eucharist from the goats?


The fact of the matter is that no Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, or Priest (or any man for that matter) has the right or authority to change, alter or tamper with the Holy Consecration of the Holy Eucharist, or the meaning of it, or for that matter create an open-door policy where all can receive Our Lord.  That’s just a plain fact of the matter.  So if this “administration” were about to make such changes that would overturn Tradition, do you know which side of the line that Christ will find you on?


Some of you may start realizing that this ‘breath of fresh air’ has a subtle stench to it.  It should, as we see in Daniel 12, Tradition of the Daily Sacrifice and Change will collide.  The Church will no longer uphold the Daily Sacrifice as it was instructed to do.  What has been the fruit of the recent synod that took place?  Reinforcement to Tradition?  Or an opening to confusion and man’s interpretations?  Did we not see Bishops and Priests scratching their heads as Francis opens the door toward acceptance of all people and carving yet another path in unexplored territory?  Is that to be praised?


As unpleasant as all of this may sound, I’m sure there is not one of you that does not recognize that Francis is continually pushing the boundaries of the Catholic Church.  The topic at hand is not attacking a pope.  The topic at hand is upholding the Holy Eucharist and recognizing that we are about to “adopt” an open door policy where no one can be excluded.  Why else is the world applauding Francis right now?  Do they praise him because he is upholding Tradition, or do they praise him because he is about CHANGE?  If we were in a fortified castle under attack and the enemies outside start applauding the actions of your leader, is that not a bad sign?  (i.e. Luke 6:26)  Certainly no one could call Francis “stagnant” by any means.  He needs our prayers and so do the Holy Priests of the Catholic Church.  Although I am sure most of you may not want to fathom being put into a position of having to choose between remaining loyal to Jesus Christ or remaining loyal to the Catholic Church, soberly speaking, that decision is upon you.  I am here to remind all of you that when you are put to the test that your LOYALTY to Jesus Christ and the Holy Eucharist remains your first priority over your loyalty to the Catholic Church which we know in Daniel 12 will abolish the Daily Sacrifice.  So as long as the Catholic Church upholds the Daily Sacrifice as dictated by Jesus Christ through the Apostles, then absolutely that is where your loyalty must remain to Jesus Christ.  But what is your most important function?  Administering the Sacraments to the children of God and feeding God’s sheep?  Who are the sheep?  What if Francis let the goats in to feed on the Food of the sheep?  Then what?  Most certainly when the administration “above” in the Church makes such changes that affect the Holy Mass and the Holy Eucharist, we can be assured that the Holy Spirit would never fuel such a venture.  Can not the Holy Mass handed down through the Apostles stand the test of time?  Or did Jesus instruct the Church to make changes as needed to suit the times?


So as I have said above, I want to help good Holy Priests keep their jobs.  And as you reflect upon the questions I pose, and then you yourself survey the horizon for yourself, you will realize that is exactly the intent here.  Jesus Christ is the true Authority and to keep your true job, you must remain loyal to Him first and foremost; not be concerned with your earthly job, but staying true to feeding God’s sheep the way that the Apostles handed down to you.  I ask you to please remember your vows to Jesus Christ.  I ask you to please remember what Jesus told Peter:



“Feed my sheep.” - John 21:17



Who are God’s sheep and how must they be fed?  Who are the goats and why have they been held back from receiving the Food of the sheep for 2000 years?  And what would happen if a pope were to open the door to everyone receiving the Holy Eucharist?  Through the miracle of Transubstantiation, how can you tell when the Lord is present and when He is not?  And if the Church were to adopt a policy for all to receive the Holy Eucharist, will God pull His Presence?


With great love and respect for our Holy Priests,


(Letter posted to on November 4, 2014 to Holy Catholic Priests)


Four Prophesies to be Aware of:


Scripture Reflections To Remain Alert

1 Thessalonians 5:6 - So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober.
1 Corinthians 16:13 - Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.
Luke 21:36 - Keep alert at all times. And pray that you might be strong enough to escape these coming horrors and stand before the Son of Man.
Revelation 3:3 - Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.
Matthew 25:13 - So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of My return.




Many people may say that Francis is doing a good thing by helping to “break down barriers and bring people into the Catholic Church”.  Indeed that can be a great thing to bring people into the Catholic Church, but what does that mean to bring someone into the Church; and what “barriers” are being broken down to accomplish that?  If we are talking about barriers such as hatred, discrimination and ignorance, then yes those barriers should be broken down.  But there are other types of barriers to recognize here as well that should never be broken down.  Bringing someone into the Church can either be a good thing or a bad thing.  You may ask yourself, “how can it be a bad thing?”  Well, if our intent is just to bring people in the doors of the Church WITHOUT helping them to go through the PROCESS to properly prepare themselves to receive the Sacraments, then that is not a good thing!  For example, parents who drop their kids off at Sunday school thinking their job is done and that is all their kid gets out of them, that indeed is not a good thing.  But if our intent is to help bring people into the Church and help support them through the process of Catholic initiation to prepare them to receive the Holy Sacraments as outlined by the Church, then that is indeed a great thing!  So I’m not here to talk about Francis’ intentions of why he is working on bringing people into the Church.  I am here to remind people right now about the PROCESS of bringing people into the Church and that there are certain guidelines (aka ‘barriers’ as some may say) that MUST remain intact in that process.


We as Roman Catholics must recognize that it is one thing to invite our friend down the street to Church on Sunday.  It is another thing to invite our friend to receive Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist when he has not been properly prepared by the Church to receive the Holy Sacraments, is that not correct?  So by all means, let us bring all people to Our Lord and hold no one back from coming to Him, but with that comes the responsibility to guide them to the correct PROCESS that exists within the Catholic Church in order for them to receive the Holy Sacraments properly.  If one does not wish to comply with that process, then they are not to be administered the Holy Sacraments, is that not what the Lord would say?

We can clearly see Francis is trying to bring people to the Church, so the question here is, where is the reinforcement of the process?  (Where is he making sure that the line is well defined and followed?)  Both the invitation and the education go hand in hand, but one appears to be missing.  How can one truly come into the Church as Jesus would want unless a person is properly initiated, educated and prepared?  Does Jesus not warn us about the man who came to the wedding without a wedding garment?  The process provides the wedding garment; without it, those who come to the wedding will be cast out to where “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth,” is that not true?  (Matthew 22:13)  How about those who bring guests to the wedding in full knowledge that they need a wedding garment but don’t help them to obtain one?  What will happen to them?


So is the line being defined and reinforced as to prevent confusion for non-Catholics coming into the Church, or rather is the most important piece of bringing people into the Catholic Church missing here?  (It doesn’t seem to me that Francis is “defining” the line, but rather “REDEFINING” the line; what are your thoughts?)  We must ask ourselves what is the overall perspective of the non-Catholic looking at Francis and the Church right now?  Are they getting the Message that Church has requirements to properly come into the Church, or are they getting the message “who are we to judge, come right on in!”  Are they getting the message of REPENTANCE, or are they getting the message of ACCEPTANCE?  Are the Teachings of the Catholic Church being clearly conveyed, outlined and followed, or are they being overlooked which is causing confusion that is spreading at an alarming rate?


If Francis is leading the Church, then it is very appropriate to ask the question “where does Francis stand on all of this?”  Assuredly it is the job of a pope to UPHOLD Catholic Teachings, to DEFEND them and to REPRESENT the Church.  So as a representative of the Church and of Christ, are his actions indicative of upholding Catholic Teachings and defending them?  Does he defend the line or stretch it?  When non-Catholics hear what he has to say, is there little doubt to his commitment to defend the Catholic Faith or rather have his actions and words been showing a trend of leading people to focus on human “acceptance” with very little regard placed on spiritual “repentance” for our sins?


All Catholics must help to defend the faith.  In light of defending the faith, I highly recommend visiting this website below.  How do people perceive Francis?  If gays and mason’s are putting Francis on the front cover of their magazines and applauding him, is it cause he is defending the faith, or is it because he is watering it down?


May God bless our good Holy Catholic Priests who fight every day to defend the faith and the true teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and may they all find refuge in the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Mercy.



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