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Dear Holy Remnant,

Below is information about a new project called "FIREFLY5913" also known as the "MDM-NEWS-BULLETINBOARD". Please feel free to share this information with others in the Holy Remnant as this new project is a news page built by fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors, specifically for Crusade Prayer Warriors to keep abreast of what is taking place with the Holy Mission of Salvation. Please say a prayer for us while we do our best to keep everyone informed. Thank you.

God bless. ~ Casey





Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


This is very important. 


Some fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors have gotten together to provide some very needed tools for Crusade Prayer Warriors for “life after facebook”.  There are some recent indicators that cause us to believe that our time on facebook may very well be coming to end very soon and that could happen at any time.  Most of us use facebook to keep in contact with other Crusade Prayer Warriors and to see what is going on in the Mission of Salvation.  Realistically, when the plug gets pulled on facebook, that by default will mean most of our communications and interactions with other Crusade Prayer Warriors will go with it.  Now while we can’t build a tool that can completely replace facebook, what we can do is create a few tools that can vitally help us to keep some basic communications together for Crusade Prayer Warriors outside of facebook.  

Communication is a very important part to the Mission of Salvation.  If we loose it ENTIRELY and there was NOTHING that we could have done to keep it, then that is within God’s Holy Will and we will accept that and keep moving forward as best as we can.  However, if we place all of our ability to communicate with each other SOLELY dependent on a single tool (like facebook), .. .. .. .. .. then how much does satan want to pull the plug on that tool?  Hind-sight is 20/20.  If the plug on facebook were pulled tomorrow, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the very next day, many of us would be scratching our heads thinking to ourselves “IF ONLY I had asked for some email addresses of my friends on there before I lost communication with them altogether!”

So in regards to the point made above, I will throw out an important recommendation.  Please take five minutes to go through your friend list right away and make a list of 5 to 10 Crusade Prayer Warriors that you speak to the most and reach out to them to see if you can swap email addresses with them.  (If people are emailing you asking you for your email address and you don’t know them that well, please DO NOT give your email address out.  This recommendation is ONLY to those you know now within the Remnant who you have become good friends with.)  Guaranteed, as soon as we loose facebook altogether though, the reality will set in and we will all have the desire to reach out to fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors to check in and see what is taking place; (that is pretty much a given).  “Hey Frank, did you loose facebook too??  Have you heard anything??”..  Emails at that stage will very much feel like an umbilical cord to the Remnant.

Life for the Remnant after facebook is probably going to be heavily dependent on BLOGS AND EMAILS for communications.  Obviously there is no way to be certain of that ahead of time, but that is probably a fair deduction to make.  Therefore a NEW BLOG has been created to help Crusade Prayer Warriors out there keep abreast of ANY new NEWS pertaining specifically to Crusade Prayer Warriors.  The thought being that if the fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors work together to have a blog where pertinent news can be posted to, then others in the Holy Remnant can check in on that blog to see if there are any updates or if there is any news that we are aware of. 

The blog site is up and running and can be found at this link

I recommend writing that website address down on a sticky note and putting it with your Crusade Prayer Book right away!  Also please write down this email address:; and also send us an email if you want to be put on the CONTACT LIST for any breaking news.  In your email, please identify yourself as a fellow Crusade Prayer Warrior and let us know “please keep me updated”.  You don’t have to provide personal information, but rather just give us an email address where we can update you at and we will create a contact list.  It is important that you do identify yourself as a Crusade Prayer Warrior because that is how you will get on this list.  Those who are not Crusade Prayer Warriors would be lying if they said that they were and those against the Mission of Salvation are likely not to lie if they recognize that they will be having to go before Jesus with any lies.  This is our way to help narrow down the contact lists and to make sure we are connected with Crusade Prayer Warriors only.  Then when any breaking news develops, then we will do our best to get the word out.  (Any emails will be BCC and your email address is not going to be shared with anyone else other than the few Crusade Prayer Warriors who are the ones helping to run this news site.)

The email address ( also serves as a way for people in the Remnant to also KEEP US POSTED and an eye out so that they can also report anything they see that the Crusade Prayer Warrior community should know about.  We encourage Crusade Prayer Warriors to please email us and let us know.  We won’t be reporting on things like natural disasters or presidential candidates, but things like the false prophet releasing the red book or other prophecies that are coming true from the Mission of Salvation, we most certainly will pass that on.  If in doubt, please email it anyway so that we can make that determination. 

So think of this blog as an online CRUSADE PRAYER WARRIOR URGENT NEWS site if you will.  There will not be many posts on it, but when there are, you can be certain that it will be VITAL Crusade Prayer Warrior news.  If we work as a team together to keep our eyes and ears open and report anything we see that fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors need to know, then this blog can be a very effective tool to provide some basic news and a means for us not to loose all communication when we loose facebook.


# 1 – Please write down the following links and keep with your Crusade Prayer Book...

Report any news to…

News Blog =

Twitter =
Facebook =
Youtube =
Backup News Website =



# 2 – Email if you are wanting to receive updated emails on any news specifically pertaining to Crusade Prayer Warriors. (Your email address is kept confidential and not shared with others)

# 3 – Spend 5 minutes contacting 5 to 10 others in the Remnant you have become good friends with on facebook to see if you can swap email addresses with them.


Thank you very much for everyone’s time.  It has been an absolute honor to serve Our Lord with each of you wonderful souls and I pray that the Lord will permit us the tools we need to remain in communication with one another AFTER FACEBOOK for as long as it best serves the Holy Mission of Salvation.  God bless.  ~ Casey

P.S.  If there ever comes a day where you go to log in to facebook but they are requiring social security number, alternate form of identification, or credit card information, or anything else you have not had to previously supply, I personally recommend NOT providing it.  It is better to email us at first to check in with the team here and to let us know so we can help you then to provide something that cannot be undone.  While facebook has been a good tool for the Holy Remnant up until now, it is very certain that satan has plans for TOTAL CONTROL of EVERYTHING, including and ESPECIALLY facebook and it is far better to give up facebook for good then to provide information or receive something that they can use to control you.  I myself will be doing the same.   

P.S.S. No permission is necessary to share this information with others in the Remnant.  Please feel free to do so.  Thank you and God bless.


Report any news to…

News Blog =

Twitter =
Facebook =
Youtube =
Backup News Website =




On a side note, if you do not already have a copy of the two files below, I highly recommend downloading them. The first one is a 9 page pamphlet with bullet points directly from the Messags about the Warning and the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The second one is a large file, but contains a PDF of ALL of the Maria Divine Mercy Messages. God bless! ....

December 20, 2015 - Nine Page - Warning-Pamphlet - Version 4

This download is a 9 page "Warning Pamphlet" that are exact excerpts within the Maria Divine Mercy Messages that speak of the Great Warning and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. (Click the link below to download the document. It is also found in the document resource page on this site as well. God bless.)




June 13, 2015 - One PDF file with all of the Maria Divine Mercy Messages..




Maria Divine Mercy Messages for Priests and Nuns



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I wanted to share with everyone a new tool to help spread the Maria Divine Mercy Messages specifically to Priests and Nuns out there.


We have a new page on the MDM-NEWS-BULLETIN-BOARD site called “PRIESTS”. 


(There are still some pages on the bulletin board that are still under construction, but the one titled “PRIESTS” is ready to go and can be used immediately to help spread the Messages to Priests and Nuns.)

We all know how important it is to share the Maria Divine Mercy Messages with Priests and Nuns out there.  Matter of fact, even Our Lord within the Holy Messages has directed a number of them specifically toward these two groups.  I am sure many of us who share the Messages realize how hard it is to get the attention of Priests and Nuns out there as it is, especially if our approach is to just “toss” them a link that contains ALL 1300+ Messages and wish them the best. 
Obviously one of the best approaches to sharing the Messages with these two groups is to FIRST START them off with the Messages that are SPECIFICALLY directed to them.  Clearly, if Our Lord titles a Message “”, then that is probably a better starting point for them then a Message that dives straight in to talking about the microchip, mark of the beast, false prophet or the antichrist which can be difficult for some people to process.  Most people do not just dive into a pool, but rather most people put a foot in first, is that not true?  Therefore sometimes we have to adjust our approach based on the audience that we are sharing the Messages with.  So for instance, if you could only hand a Priest just one MDM Message only, which would be a better Message to hand them; a “Message to Atheists” or a Message titled “Warning to Clergy”?  Likewise, which of these two Messages would be best to give to an atheist as a starting point; one for Priests or one for atheists?

Therefore what this “PRIESTS” page does on the MDM-NEWS-BULLETIN-BOARD site is help to give fellow Crusade Prayer Warriors an easy link to share with Priests & Nuns so that they can start reading the Messages that are specifically directed to them first. There are 54 Messages presented here, and by all means, not randomly chosen either.  Two years ago a group of Crusade Prayer Warriors were working on a project called “WILD FLOWER”.  The goal was to email the MDM Messages to as many Priests and Nuns as we could.  We gathered over 42,000 email addresses and emailed the Messages to them.  We just didn’t take a single link to the Messages and just email it to everyone.  The team actually went through all of the Messages and put them in groups; Messages to Priests; Messages to atheists; Messages about the Warning; Messages about the False Prophet.  From there we went through each list and sorted them by the Messages that “if in this category I could only give one Message to someone, which one would it be”.  So the result is that we had sorted the Messages by category into the ones that we felt were best to share to get someone’s attention and to get them informed.  So this list of 54 Messages was actually created by that Wild Flower group and I believe you will see that it is a very good representation of the Messages and very likely to catch Priests and Nuns attention and help draw them to the Messages.

One last thing.  One other very important part to this “PRIESTS” page is that it also has a category called “HIGHLIGHTS”.  So as it lists these Messages, it will also give a snapshot of an important item within that Message.  Like “Change to the Sacraments”; “Removal of the Holy Eucharist”; “Changes to the Mass”; “New Oath pledge to be signed”…  These serve as a great way as the prophecies are unfolding to provide Priests and Nuns (and even Crusade Prayer Warriors) an easy tool to provide a quick link to that particular Message immediately as it unfolds.

So please come take a look at the link below and check it out.  Please feel free to email Priests and Nuns a link to this particular page.  I personally think that Priests and Nuns right now are starting to wake up to the fact that there is something seriously wrong going on in the Church and just getting a simple email to them right now saying:

“Hi Father, I am concerned about what is happening in the Holy Church right now, as I am sure you are very aware as what you are seeing in the news.  I thought that this link may be of interest to you.  Love you, God bless.


Please keep this project in your prayers.  There is another powerful tool that is being built right now that I hope will very much help to bring the Priests and Nuns into the Maria Divine Mercy Messages right away.  God bless Maria, Pope Benedict, the Crusade Prayer Warriors and all of our loved ones.

Jesus and Mary we love you.  Please help us to spread the Holy Mission like wild fire right now.