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March 19, 2015 - Revelation Map


My Dear Friends in Christ,

The following image is explained below..



Those that follow St. Faustina's Diary, may find the following questions along with the above map of the Book of Revelation of interest...

St. Faustina writes on page 42 of her Diary; "Write this: before I come as the Just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy."

So that poses a number of questions right there.

1. When Jesus indicated that He is sneaking up on the world like a thief in the night, is that the King of Mercy or the Just Judge? If He only comes one more time at the end of the Book of Revelation after everything has already happened, then how can He say that He is sneaking up on the world like a thief in the night? Assuredly if the entire 42 month reign of the antichrist is a prerequisite before the Lord can return, then how can Jesus say He is sneaking up on this world like a thief in the night?

2. Likewise, when the two angels in the Book of Acts say at the Ascension that Jesus will return in the SAME WAY in which He left, and then we try to link that with Revelation 19 which depicts Jesus returning on a HORSE, then we must ask ourselves a serious question.. Did Jesus really leave on a horse at the Ascension? What are we missing here?

3. When the disciples asked Jesus, "what are the signs of your coming", He gave them the signs. The sun, the moon, the stars, the sign in the sky, the people mourning, the gathering of the elect and the lesson of the fig tree. If the Book of Revelation points to when Jesus will return, then where in the Book of Revelation are all of these signs found? Revelation 19 or somewhere else?

4. After Jesus told His disciples the signs of His return (Matthew 24:29), He passed on to them the Lesson of the Fig Tree. Where in the Book of Revelation does it mention "figs"? Revelation 19 or somewhere else?

5. In Matthew 24, Jesus indicates that when He returns He will gather His elect. Where are the Elect before the Throne of God in the Book of Revelation? Revelation 19 or somewhere else?

6. Why does Seal 6 in the Book of Revelation say "hide us from the Face of the One who sits on the Throne"? How can people be seeing Jesus' Face at Seal 6 if He doesn't come until Revelation 19?

7. Lastly, when Jesus is talking about His Glorious return in the Gospels, is He talking about the Just Judge or rather is He talking about the King of Mercy sneaking up on the world like a thief in the night while everyone has their eyes focused on the door of judgment?

St. Faustina indicates there are two doors. The Door of Mercy and the Door of Judgment.

Which door do we have our focus on when we read the Gospels?

Perhaps we should learn a lesson from Galileo here. Galileo had the "crazy" notion that the earth revolved around the sun, yet the majority of people (which would be like me and you, and the experts in the Church) believed that the sun revolved around the earth. So when St. Faustina indicates that there are two more comings of Jesus Christ, is it possible that we have had it wrong? Is it possible that the Gospels do not point to the Just Judge but rather the King of Mercy who comes to gather His elect before a 42 month reign of the antichrist?

Is it possible?

Where in Scripture does it say that there is only one more coming of Jesus Christ?

My personal opinion. I believe that we have had an incorrect interpretation of the Gospels, claiming that there is only one more coming of Jesus Christ and then we have been pointing them to Revelation 19 as that coming. But if we even take the Lord's own Words to heart here for just a moment, then we begin to recognize that He can't misdirect us or make it difficult for us to understand. Scripture is not written for only the smartest people to understand. We, the sinners that we are, can be just like the experts in Galileo's time that condemned him. Are we not capable of arrogance and ignorance when it comes to Holy Scripture? Do we think that we have it all figured out they way that we should? Or do we recognize that St. Faustina cannot have it wrong and that if her diary indicates that He next comes as the King of Mercy then that MUST be in alignment with Holy Scripture or else the Church would catch it as heresy, would they not?

The Pharisees (the experts of Jesus' day) were blind to His First Coming. Will the majority of people in the final days be blind to His Return as well?

The below illustration is an outline of the core of the Book of Revelation. We quickly begin to see that the Gospels do not line up to Revelation 19. They can't. Otherwise we begin to have serious errors in our understanding of Holy Scripture. Holy Scripture can't be in error, but we can. So when Jesus gives us the signs, then it does not take a rocket scientist to ask the simple question, WHERE are those signs in the Book of Revelation?

God uses humble people like St. Faustina to humble the proud does He not? So how can Jesus say He's sneaking up on all of those scholars, theologians and Priests when He returns?

It is the Word of God, so that will happen will it not?

Praise to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and God bless.



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